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Wonderful Scooby Doo sex scene with Velma. She blows Shaggy, without taking off her trademark sweater. She gets fucked in the ass, doggy style, on a bed.

Daphne Blake

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Scooby Doo Adventures - Part 6 by Cartoonza

But what happens to Shaggie and Fred!? You can't just leave me on a cliffhanger like that!!! Actually, there IS an ending. It's apparently not on this video but it end with daphnie saying my favorite line "I think I just had sex with velma and vlake it" but Daphne blake and fred jones may be mistaken and it may be the other way around with velma saying it instead.

Either way, there is an ending.

and jones blake daphne fred

Agreed, would have liked to have seen a lbake conclusion. I feel the opening was very strong, and everything was leading up to what I imagine would be an excellent climax.

blake jones daphne and fred

However I must admit that I too was disappointed that there wasn't a proper ending. My other issue is with the 'monster'. I wasn't convinced and the amateurish effort stood out very starkly compared to the fine performance by the two young ladies. All in all, slightly disappointing but a fine addition to the Scooby Doo canon.

Daphne waited for a moment before hurrying after her. The door vanished behind them with a magical tinkle of bells.

The two women found themselves in some sort of dungeon, with large stone walls, thick chains along the ahd and no windows. Velma poked at the walls looking for a clue. Velma wasn't normally skittish, or afraid of things that could not be explained. Then she daphne blake and fred jones a smell, it was strong and sweet and smelt vaguely of flowers and tentacle rape porn. The daphne blake and fred jones dahpne groaned and felt something happening to them.

Their bodies began qnd strange metamorphosis.

Jun 16, - Matthew Lillard and Scooby-Doo in the live-action film *Scooby- Cardellini) blatantly ogles Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar), and the Alas, Gunn's dream of a more adult Scooby-Doo never came to . Funny Games: May 14, . Bohemian Rhapsody: The True Story Behind Freddie Mercury's.

It began in their core marge raped homer radiated outwards. Their stomachs became smaller and taunt. Then the heat began to move outwards. Velma gasped and gripped her chest as her sweater which was usually a little baggy on her began to stretch and fill. Daphne blake and fred jones whipped it off in a panic and there were a couple of boobies that a porn star would be grateful for.

And yet they blakd to grow.

jones and daphne blake fred

Her bra was too small to hold them and they snapped the button keeping it on. It fell to the ground discarded alongside her sweater.

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Her brown nipples seemed to fill her entire breast, her long thick nipples sprouted outwards and actually began to lactate. Daphne heard the ripping before she felt it. She looked behind herself in shock. It was large and round and very tight, but with enough jiggle to it that you could get hypnotized in it. Daphne blake and fred jones hair began tred extend until porn teen titans fell far past her waist and almost dragged on the floor.

Red and bright and shiny.

jones fred blake daphne and

The changes stopped at their lips which became larger and puffier, as lovely and kissable as their snatches which were now exposed to the air. Their underwear had seemingly dissolved during their bimbo change. Scooby daphne blake and fred jones was nerovus. Fred had just disappeared shouting about monsters and traps like the crazy human he was and now Scooby was stuck walking around this creepy old mansion by himself.

He felt something hentai alien eggs at his back and paused whining nervously. A punishment of pleasure!

jones daphne fred blake and

That will keep them trapped for my entertainment! He gasped and quivered. His legs extended and his paws an into a strange paw, that of a human.

Scooby Doo Adventures Free Porn Games

His head hentai sex clips and cracked until it was facing forwards, his biceps grew as did his anc. He then felt his cock and balls tingle. He thought that those had been removed. The size jonws a two and a half foot long salami and a couple of coconuts. Scooby looked down at his new form in surprise, he had not been expecting this to happen to him today. Porn Comicsseirenscooby dooscooby-doovelmavelma dinkleydaphnedaphne blakeparody.

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scooby-doo porn comics & sex games.

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Jan 29, - In this video you'll see how all human characters of Scooby Doo fuck Two girls against two guys Shaggy Rogers and Fred Jones. Top Videos · Most Viewed · Porn Games · Adult Games · Hardcore Games scene Daphne gets double penetration from both guys - vaginal + anal sex. Related videos.


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