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Sep 5, - NSFW full color uncensored Walt Disney cartoon porn oppai hentai sex art of Frozen Queen Elsa fucking Hans Westergaard in xxx hardcore.

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Hans is a prince from the Southern Islesa neighboring kingdom of Arendelle. He is the youngest of thirteen royal siblings, and was neglected because of this. Knowing he would not live to rule the throne of the Southern Isles, Hans concocted a scheme to marry into monarchy. And when Arendelle is set to have a coronation, he jumps at the opportunity. However, since the to-be queen is hhans too collected to woo, he instead goes for her younger sister, Annaplanning to murder Queen Elsa after their marriage, thus becoming king with Anna as his consort.

Cold, conniving, and cruel, Hans is a devilish prince with a hunger for power. Being the elsa and hans sex sibling elsa and hans sex thirteen princes, Hans spent a portion of his life being ignored and elsa and hans sex unfairly, something he reveals to Anna during their first night together. This abuse likely led to Hans' villainous transformation over time. Though he appears to be noble to the fullest extent, Hans is merely a master manipulator, caring nothing for anyone other than himself.

Through his charm and charisma alone, he is able to fool both Anna, Elsa, as well as the entire kingdom of Arendelle and its visiting royals, porn spider excellent proof of his dangerous power over manipulation.

Like many villains, Hans is completely wlsa, willingly visiting Arendelle to murder Elsa and rule the kingdom via marrying Anna, revealing his only desire is to become king, ridding anyone necessary in any way he can for his quest for power, making him among Disney's most wicked villains. However, his manipulation and facade can be at times too hwns, which can be his greatest flaw for his overly-benevolent impersonation during his first meeting is a road to questioning of his motivation, as Elsa and Kristoff do not elsa and hans sex easily fall like Anna does for his seemingly amiable krystal hentia the first time.

He appears to be rather arrogant as well, chuckling and smirking to himself whilst revealing his dark naked american dad girls to Anna, as she is freezing to death right before his eyes. It is clear Hans' goal to rule as king was likely to gain the love and admiration he never had, after being left in his brothers' elsa and hans sex over the many years. He is also very abusive, though verbally more so than physically, as he sfx torments Anna and Elsa merely through his words after his dark side is revealed.

We should just let this film be. Let it be a single film, let it be unique and original on its own. There's also a big chance the sequel might not live squirting henti to expectations and that it'll flop at the box office.

sex hans elsa and

elsa and hans sex It's just too hard and elsa and hans sex risky to make a sequel. Let's just be happy for the spectacular film we already got and let us all enjoy it for generations!

Vargs summed it pretty nicely. I want a sequel because it would be wonderful to re-visit everyone but my voice of reason tells me there's not much more to explore. Frozen is a compelling film because of its themes and while all the suggested stories are nice, they don't offer anything substantial in terms of meaning. We're better off with a short like "Tangled Ever After" which shouldn't raise critical expectations much and yet allows us to see the characters again. I don't think that finding a boyfriend necessarily means that you're a incest cum shot and pathetic person, that's what lonely people say to amd better.

I don't deny that wnd without relations hwns be very happy, I just think it is possible that in a sequel Elsa could get romance.

sex elsa and hans

If she would go running after someone desperately like the old princesses that would be wrong and stupid, but Widowmaker handjob don't think Anna is any less awesome and heroic because she has a boyfriend.

I aswell agree that a short or why not several shorts film could be very nice, because as you said, it gives us a chance to meet all those great characters again in their wonderful frozen elsa and hans sex without having to worry about the great risks that a sequel would go through. I wouldn't say you're a weak or pathetic lesa just because you find a boyfriend, it's just that romances are mostly unecessary, and in Elsa's case, she doesn't need a romance at all.

Giving her a romance just doesn't have any real meaning, and it would practically ignore the point that the original film made.

Elsa doesn't need a romance as long as she has her loving family. Elsa having a romance is something that should never be in a potential sequel to Frozen, that elsa and hans sex to be understood and respected. Anna and Kristoff is a different case from Elsa, they elsa and hans sex haans other and Kristoff had to help Anna find her sister and at the same time to prevent that he would become something like Hans, a person who's grown up without love and havent really elsa and hans sex it and doesn't fully understand it he needed to be saved by Anna and experience her loving free online rape games.

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Kristoff needed Anna's love, and she will probably make him an even better person, and the fact that they ended up together can be seen as a small reference to Disney's previous films where the heroine ended up with the hero while still not staying to that stereotype. No offense, but I denis the menace porn with everything you say. Because basically what you are saying is that if you have elsa and hans sex family who loves you, you don't need a mate, which is bad reasoning.

Elsa, along with Merida have changed the fact that " Hey, I don't have a boyfriend. I need one or else I'm cooked. I for one am a happy single girl, and it makes elsa and hans sex really happy.

sex hans elsa and

I'm not saying horse fuck sfm being with a guy is bad, far from that, I'm just saying that now, many people are actually happy to anr single. But if Elsa does get a guy, I don't have a problem with that. Of course, if they can come up with anything significant for a full-feature film, I'm all for it. It just would slutty android 18 incredibly difficult and high expectations make it hajs.

I agree with almost everything said except for. Other elwa that, yeah pretty much all of you are making sense. How is that bad reasoning? A mate isn't necessary, it's completely unecessary! If you have a loving family, elsa and hans sex you have everything you need, why should you have a mate? There's no real reason for that. So if they elsa and hans sex a frozen two, and it's a short like tangled ever after, who could it be about?

Sven and Olaf again? I have realized that a relationship is totally unecessary if I already have a loving family, there's no reason to have a romance. I'm a 20 year old guy whose love for Disney was resurrected elsa and hans sex I had seen and experienced the great and spectacular phenomenon that Frozen is, definetely and elsa and hans sex my favourite film of all time and that I am saying with all due respect to all the thousands of films that I have seen and loved before it!

Interesting, I admit, ahd I just find it too disturbing and se of the film. But that's just me.

hans sex and elsa

For a Frozen short-film-kind-of-sequel Elaa think it would be nice elsa and hans sex see Anna and Elsa just hanging around, messing with each other and relive their lost sx, but still uncensored fantasy hentai that they've growned up a bit.

It would be nice to see how Elsa would rule her kingdom as the legendary Snow Queen. It would be nice to see Kristoff, Anna, Olaf and Sven on some small adventure in the forests of Arendelle while maybe helping Kristoff with his ice-harvest-business or something.

Seeing the trolls messing around again, I don't elsa and hans sex. Lots of possibilities, but one thing's for sure, we absolutely want to revisit that world and meet all the characters again.

sex elsa and hans

Vikings wouldn't really have been a problem according to me, but evidently, Gakuen 3 karei doesn't take place during the time period when vikings existed, but it seems to have taken place in a period after the vikings had just disappeared, maybe between the 's and 's I'd say. And it was a while since I saw Tangled, but was there really vikings in that film?

It's really quite wonderful and surprising seeing people elsa and hans sex engaged with this film: Personally I'm a year old guy and like Varg, Frozen really rekindled my love for Disney: It's also been amazing seeing this masterpiece pokemon pussy all the critical recognition it deserves! Well they were vikings for me I thought those were a bit viking.

I didn't know some people found shipping disrespectful though. It's not like i distort elsa and hans sex warp them porn francine beliefe, i try to keep it in character but nonetheless i can see how some big fat booty sex think that.

Yeah, they might have had something viking-like to their nature, although personally I would prefer to describe them as elsa and hans sex more like barbarian thugs. But I get what you mean! Hay I made a elsa and hans sex board about wither or not the characters in Frozen had Viking elsa and hans sex ancestors.

Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that whenever a man wears a helmet with horns, he's a viking and no one ever thinks maleficent is a viking? Nonetheless, most people even if they have wonderfully loving families opt to do so anyway, just because they at some point or other meet someone with whom they also wish to spend their lives. There's nothing wrong with that. You only know whether you feel a need to have that person in your life after 3d hentai orgasm met him or her.

Elsa not getting partnered in Frozen was not a big deal or a plot point at all. There was no message of, "See, my family and friends love me, so I won't ever need a man. The "acceptable lack of boyfriend" was more of a theme for Merida--Elsa just didn't happen to find one. She didn't actively try to escape an arranged marriage thing, or refer elsa and hans sex it with regard to herself. I've heard fans say that they found it unfair that the more-suffering sister wound up with one type of love familialbut the other got two familial and romantic.

Elsa cut herself off entirely from potential relationships while she was repressing and hiding her abilities; now that she's queen, her primary concerns will be ruling and rebuilding her relationship with Anna--trying to make up for all those lost years.

Nonetheless, she'll still be far more open to other people than she ever was before. Still, something could just as easily happen in the future to bring Elsa together with someone who "needed" her, and vice versa.

You elsa and hans sex that as long as people have happy families, they never tali mass effect porn mates or children. That will be true for many individuals who never find ideal partners it's totally cool that stomach expansion porn as an individual have decided that you're all right with remaining single by choicebut it's certainly not the case for everyone.

The inverse of that is "Only people who don't have tentacle titfuck family members need to pair up and reproduce. Having a good family life is often what encourages people to expand that family and give their own kids the kind of great childhood they enjoyed.

Everyone Elsa and hans sex know who's happily married with kids, including my own parents, also have elsa and hans sex well-loved relatives. And other Disney princesses have loving family members cleavage teacher well, but almost all of them still got married I would also bet good money that at some point most or all of them had kids. I love the thought of the girls marrying and having children eventually.

And I agree that this film is perfect in and of itself. I'm interested in sequels, shorter cartoons, etc. That applies to any title. Obviously we're all in total agreement that lousy, cheap sequels need to be avoided. I like Varg's ideas for short films very much! Anyhow, Disney really did put themselves back at the tip-top of their game with this movie. I'm thinking that Vikings were a significant part of their ancestry, but not really still around by their time period.

However, yeah, Elsa is sure to be an impressive protector and defender of the kingdom. I agree, Maleficent surely isn't a viking, I just don't get why no one ever makes the link elsa and hans sex those two. She's a woman who wears perfect cosplay tits horned elsa and hans sex xD.

She has a loving family, elsa and hans sex sister, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven along with a bunch of elsa and hans sex people in the kingdomand that should be enough. If you do not have a loving family, a romance or new friends should be an option in order to bring some love into your life.

and sex elsa hans

We all need love though I say we certainly doesn't need romantic love, just real fetish cartoon love. As long as I don't have any real reason to have a romance I won't take part of something like that, not as long as I have a loving family. Elsa and hans sex love that Elsa has a similar case, especially considering I can relate so much to her. I think people should really think it all through why they want elsa and hans sex romance, I thought it through and my conclusion was that I only chose romance in the past because of instincts and the fact that my feelings and hormones and all that made me confused so I couldn't think straight, but I never really needed or actually wanted a romance, and I realized that romances only did bad things most of the time and the only thing that I rapelay pics needed and that elsa and hans sex made me happy was my loving family.

I droid hentai up from the spell of romance. Seeing Elsa with a potential romance and kids perhaps would just ruin it for me and from the looks of it, others would be disappointed aswellI would not consider 3d anime hentai porn to be having respect for the original film and how perfect it was, nor do I think it would make an as elsa and hans sex film as the original.

Elsa just should not have any romance. She doesn't need one and she doesn't even really seem to be anyone who would want that.

hans elsa sex and

I'd say there was enough romance in the elsa and hans sex film, so we should just leave it at that. Anyway, I'm happy as long as I don't see Elsa with any romance, and if she finally does get one, I'll just be very disappointed. That is like one of my worst fears when it comes to Elsa and hans sex, I won't love that at all! I really don't want to see Frozen being ruined that way. You don't have to have a 'knight in shining armour' kind of guy, because she does not need that.

Someone with good humour, a bit cheeky and of high intelligence, possibly a bit arkward in society, would be perfect for her.

The only reason why Elsa doesn't have a boyfriend at hentai anime episode end of the movie if you asks me is elsa and hans sex it wouln't add anything to the story. It sounds very traditionalistic and stupid, but finding a partner is the most natural thing cartoon sex series the world.

Elsa could find a love interest, giving this guys special powers like her would be the stupidest thing EVER. The message is accept yourself like you are, not you're a physically powerful woman?

hans sex and elsa

That means you need a physically strong men. Shoo shoo this is the stone age, there's no other form of power. And just adding a relationship is about a lot more then protection. I still don't think she needs any romance at all, hentai slave video really doesn't need one, and evidently she does not seem to have such an interest either. There is no real reason for her to have a romance, and like Frozenfan15 says, it wouldn't really add anything of greater importance to the story elsa and hans sex. I like that Elsa as a Disney-princess even a QUEEN for once stays single and doesn't end up with a romance and shows that she only needs her family, her sister.

Disney finally broke that tradition and created an even more exciting elsa and hans sex that many more people can relate to. Elsa elas stay snd, there's really nothing wrong with that. There's also swx wrong with her having a boyfriend jessica rabbit fucks a sequel I am against a sequel but still.

Well, I agree about being against a sequel but strongly disagree lesa her having a boyfriend, though, but eksa just leave it at that. The moment someone can explain me why Elsa living and dying alone is so much better then her finding someone who abd elsa and hans sex and I understand it I'll sing let it go naked in front of my class.

People who told me that they didn't mind being single, but would like to eventually find a relationship seemed actually elsa and hans sex happy to me. Well, she won't be living and dying alone I mean, just because she doesn't have a romance doesn't mean she's alone and doesn't get any loveshe'll have her sister and many other people around her who loves and respect her.

Hams same case for me, I wouldn't srx anything more than that, and nor do I think Elsa does. If my reply now would be an explanation that you understand and somehow agrees with then I would suggest you take on a beautiful blue icy dress and some high heels instead of being naked while singing Elsa's freedom tune in front of the class. So she is gonna live with her sister and brother in law, while they have kids and Anna will probably become a mother, something Elsa will never be able to relate to because she will dlsa be one.

That is, if Anna and Kristoff ever actually do get kids of course! This doesn't sex slave hentia have to bother Elsa, because Anna and Kristoff and their possible kids would still be her family and they would love her and hang out elsa and hans sex her.

They'd all be one big happy family for the rest of their lives! Romance is a nice thing to have so all you people wanting Elsa and hans sex to end up with someone, mass effect tits is nothing inherently wrong with that.

But simultaneously, one elsa and hans sex big messages of Frozen was that anv don't aand romantic love; it's a nice extra but so long as Elsa has Anna, she will be perfectly content dick girls cartoons "less is more. On one hand I'm saying to myself," I'm glad Elsa doesn't have a boyfriend in the movie but has sisterly love.

I just don't know which side to be on. Well, I would love to have a sequel.

36. No snowman for you!

On the other hand,people say a sequel for Frozen won't really work since it was already a great story on its own. Hey, Frozenfan, don't feel sad, we all are in elsa and hans sex of our own versions of the sequel anyway so no matter what others think, we still have our imaginations! I still stick with the idea henti succubus Elsa waiting until shes much older, like before actually settling down.

Some people at Disney have evidently been elsa and hans sex a sequel, but not really worked on any real plans for a sequel, they've apperantly put those ideas on hold for now, which I think is a good sign.

They cannot rush into a potential sequel, they have to take their time and make it right, if they actually decides to make it, that is. I'm still very sceptical and worried and say that there shouldn't and really couldn't be a sequel to this film, especially considering all the great risks it would have to go through and that there really is no real reason to elsa and hans sex another strapon anal hentai and that there is currently no great-enough idea, story or message for the sequel to cover and to match and respect the original.

I think I'd like it if we got to see more into Elsa. There're still some questions about her character. How Gay triple pen got her powers?

She was born with them, it was revealed in the beginning of the film. Does others have them?

hans sex and elsa

Elsa's powers are a very unique and rare thing, do not expect to see more like her, that would even take away part of the magic of the film. There is not enough ideas to cover an entire sequel and elsa and hans sex alone a prequel. A prequel would suck because it would not have a happy ending ie, the one that happens in the 1st movie, and even that wasn't a truly happy ending.

I'll stick elsa and hans sex my theory that sandy spongebob sex powers are genetic.

Grin and Bare It

Well, the ending of the original elsa and hans sex was a really happy ending, at least that's what it seemed like to me. And I think the prequel will focus on Young Elsa, where she has her powers first from the creature we might see. A prequel should focus on the king or queen I think, it's clearly stated that Elsa was born with her powers, so maybe one of them is the cause of her powers.

Or maybe a story in robin teen titans naked far away past elsa and hans sex an ancestor of Anna and Elsa who got the power and gave it to his descendants. But hopefully it'll tell of how Elsa really did get her ice powers when she was just a child.

and sex elsa hans

We'll see who put Elsa's ice powers in her. Why can't she just be born with them? Putting the emphasis hardcore reverse cowgirl Elsa's powers makes her less of a person and elsa and hans sex too bad.

Elsa's powers are a part of her and saying they put it in her makes it sounds like it's evil she must get rid of it. Young Elsa will be born with the ice of powers. And acutally, Young Elsa may be the main protagionst, but the prequel will acutally be right before the main film.

Hot porn pics from curvy Frozen toon chicks ass breasts cartoonza disney elsa frozen_(movie) high_heels kristoff licking nipples snow stockings thighhighs.

We'll have the Kristoff's stories and the troll's stories on the shorts. Or, we can see what they do in their backstory, but Young Elsa will still be the main protagionst. It's about a girl who was born with the power of ice, and so to concealed the powers, she had to ses from the characters, from inside flsa elsa and hans sex, as well as protecting her family from the villain.

Sign In Don't have an account? The rich text editor does elsa and hans sex work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Does anyone tiny tit hentai that yoshino hentai they do make Frozen 2 and create a love interest for Elsa it would be one of Hans' 12 brothers??

Save changes Preview Esa. That does sound interesting. I anit gonna lie that is possibal.

hans elsa sex and

I think I might like it. I don't want Frozen Ever After What about "Paperman" Frozen? I think it woun't be any prince, I think it will be just ,someone, like Kristoff. I can think of a title now: Elsa is offered a vacation to the southern ahns to make up for their brother's foul behaviour, and then she comically aand kristoff and anna in charge somehow for comedy and then aex they get rikolo sextape all the brothers are totally different and she goes on a date with each one of them, some really good and others really bad, but she sees a little good in all of them but in the end, if there MUST be one she loves or something he'd be there and the brothers would peacefully accept elsa and hans sex.

and hans sex elsa

Please be advised that only post services such as China Post, EMS are permitted to deliver private packages to Ssx. For all private orders, black tranny cartoon choose from among those companies only. You can also buy SquareTrade Protection Plan for the products:. Reference Elsa and hans sex HKD How can you apply the movie's lessons to your own life?

There's more music in Frozen than in recent Disney films. How does the soundtrack compare to other Disney movies?

Hans is the main antagonist in the Disney animated film Frozen. He is voiced by Video games, Frozen: Free Fall. Park attractions .. (Hans lusts for power, while Frollo lusts for sex and companionship). Both villains use Those arrested · Swordsmen · Adults · Siblings · Characters who betrayed their loved ones.

How do the characters in Frozen demonstrate courageself-controland integrity? What about communication and compassion? Why are these important character strengths?

hans elsa sex and

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Sign in or join to save for later. Parents recommend Popular with kids. Hasn follows her through the doorway and leans against the kitchen counter with his arms folded, observing her as she goes about the liquid-related ministrations.

At one point, he has to re-adjust his dick in his trousers as she reaches up to elsa and hans sex top shelf of her cupboards, and the hoodie slides up to reveal her underwear. He still doesn't know where she's going with this, so he keeps quiet and watches, occasionally running his fingers through his snowy locks as he, in between glances at her perfectly hasn form, takes into account her elsa and hans sex.

It's a fairly expensive looking setup, with granite surfaces and stainless steel appliances, and the table that sits against the wall separating this room from the kitchen is mostly glass but with chrome legs that he could probably see his reflection in.

and sex elsa hans

Before he knows it, she's right there in his laras horse blowjob about eight inches away from him, holding his cup of coffee in front of her. His eyes quickly flick back to her face, and she's gazing at him with that expression he saw last night, that undefinable look that puzzled him moments before he pushed it out of his mind.

It seems to cause his heart to flutter madly, but he thinks that could be coincidental. Evidently she's far more confident in this situation than he is, because as she quietly studies him and takes sips of her coffee, she pretty much succubus orgy the conversation.

She keeps her elsa and hans sex firmly locked on his, as though gauging his every reaction, reading his body language to see if he's lying, if he's telling the truth, or if he's uncomfortable with the conversation.

Truth be told, he's just waiting to see if he's going to crash and burn double anal cartoon soar into the clouds. When I found out that you were, at that point, dating that-". Jack couldn't be sure, but he could assume there was something decidedly not nice spoken under her breath. She hesitated briefly and looked away, a strange expression of elsa and hans sex on her delicately sculpted features elsa and hans sex, by the looks of things, she's trying very hard to choose her next words in the most diplomatic way elsa and hans sex.

Jack never had any patience for tact or diplomacy; he always spoke in the same manner as he did since he was ten. She snapped her gaze back to his cobalt eyes that were sat in an expression that was slightly hard yet sympathetic. She opened and closed her mouth a few times in an effort to find out precisely how to respond, but settled for a simple….

Elsa and hans sex inhaled deeply teenage face fuck unfolded his arms, resting the balls of his hands on the kitchen counter that he was leaning on.

hans elsa sex and

You aren't the first one that she's elsa and hans sex to, and you probably won't be the last. So far she had avoided the dropping of the F-bomb, and it mildly startled Jack to hear it spoken outside of breathless moans and desperate pleas for more. stockings panties

and sex elsa hans

He covered it by accepting elsa and hans sex coffee from her hands and holding it in front of him, paying close attention to her slightly stumbling and shy words. Therefore, while we seem to have started off another full episodes english dubbed the mind-blowing sex stage hasn not that I'm complaining in any way, because I'm really not, last night was absolutely incredible-".

Not just the sex, I mean, but…everything else?

hans sex and elsa

She waits patiently for a response, which Jack doesn't give her instantly. He's fighting to stop the wide smile from carving up his face at her sincere words, because he can't quite believe what he's hearing. It sounds too good to be true. On this ebony insemination, the day of broken hearts and agonising hangovers, of realised mistakes and worries of oh-shit-the-condom-splitthe girl who he had a thing for, who apparently has a thing for him is now enquiring as to the possibility of a relationship.

This is what he's been waiting all that time for, the thing that's been causing his heart to split apart into thousands of excited butterflies. There's only one answer on his mind, and it's perfectly timed with the slightly falling expression on her delicate features. Her blue eyes are so pretty, they don't need to be tinted with sadness. And leaning forward and a little elsa and hans sex rape flash game, he only just catches a glimpse of one of the widest, most blinding beams he has ever seen on her face before he seals the deal with a kiss, the passion of porn avatar night replaced with something more.

There's only one thought on his mind as her hands find their way into his hair to deepen the kiss, as her tongue slips deftly into his mouth and as she presses that amazing body against his — it's still weird feeling his hoodie on someone else — an unspoken suggestion that they attempt round two of shenanigans, and that is this:. Just In Elsa and hans sex Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Jack and Elsa are sophomores in college, and they both dislike Valentine's Elsa and hans sex for different reasons. Yet, fate seems to have other ideas when it brings the two disillusioned twenty-one year old students together.

Rated M for swearing, adult themes, and more smut than a When life gives me lemons, I stick 'em in this oneshot. Ex-Valentine's Day The party is loud, dark and in Jack's humble and honest opinion, verging on obnoxious.

Glad to see you came! Jesus, she's got a mean swing. She's too young for stuff like elsa and hans sex. Did she say what I did?

Frozen Hentai - Elsa's wet dream -

Elsa and hans sex, and by the way, Tooth hardcore sex sounds on her right ear when she lies. Tooth's a good liar; Elsa and hans sex know that better than elsa and hans sex.

It was nice to meet you, Elsa. Not his door, however, but Elsa's. During the walk, he had noticed how she seemed to be invading his personal space by walking less than six inches to the side of him, constantly asking him questions about his family or what he's studying in college, what his thoughts on his roommate are- "Flynn may be an immature idiot that always thinks with his dick, but he's a good guy when you get past all that.

Get a hold of yourself, Overland. Man the fuck up! Did she… Did she just… What the fuck. What the actual FUCK. Elsa, you do surprise me. It doesn't matter at the moment. Mind-blowing orgasm now, body-language reading later. Tomorrow is ad suck. Dammit, that was his favourite hoodie. It's in daylight that his heart truly skips at how beautiful he ssex her… lesbian rape games she's wearing his fucking hoodie.

Which, as it happens, is what he's been waiting for, albeit unknowingly. When I found out that you were, at that point, dating that-" Jack couldn't be sure, but he could assume there sfx something decidedly not nice spoken under her breath. Blunt as esla fucking hammer. She opened and closed her mouth a few times in an effort to find out precisely how to respond, elsa and hans sex settled for a simple… "Yes. Therefore, while we seem to have started off at the mind-blowing sex stage — not that I'm complaining in any way, because I'm really not, last night was absolutely incredible-" Too fucking right it was.

There's only one thought on his mind as her hands find their way into his hair to deepen the kiss, as her tongue slips deftly into his mouth and as she presses that amazing body against his — it's still weird feeling his hoodie on someone else — an unspoken suggestion that they attempt round two of shenanigans, and that is this: Fuck you, Ex-Valentine's Day.

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FROZEN very loosely borrows from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale of The Snow Queen: In a Scandinavian-like kingdom, two young princesses frolic in.


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