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Finally, the police got closer to the pervert. The police turned to the detective for help and now they work together. Pervert does not lose time, he has sex wi.

Rape Games Officially Banned In Japan

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Jun 2, 2. But how else will I live out my gangrape fantasies? Jan 13, Messages: Jun 2, 3. Apr 16, Messages: Jun 2, 4.

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The Japanese are effing weird. Jun 2, 5.

Any other games like Rapelay?

Jun 2, 6. Oct 19, Messages: Jun 2, 7. Feb 22, Messages: Jun 2, 8.

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FrightwolfJun 2, Jun 2, 9. A history of gaming's biggest scandals. The video game 'Shame File'.

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Print this page Loading page, please wait Gapelay IDG Communications. Heck I'm addicted to the very old-fashioned AG2, just for the island-girl fantasy of it.

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Last edited by Kazune ; I hope that Illusion will no longer make a game like Rapelay Originally posted by lyawy View Post. And it's much better to have a girlfriend.

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Rapelay was developed by the Japanese production house Illusion, which makes a number of sexually violent games for the domestic market. Their other titles include "Battle Raper" and "Artificial Girl".

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A spokesman for uncensored movies online company said: Keith Vaz, the Labour MP for Leicester Games similar to rapelay who has previously spoken out against computer games that promote violence, condemned the game. Rapelay, which was released inencourages players to force the virtual woman they rape to have an abortion. If they are allowed to give birth games similar to rapelay woman throws the player's character under a train, according to reviews of the game.

It also has a feature allowing several players to team up against individual women. When Sky News ran the henai rape, they cited Giant Bomb for a description of the game. I don't know if that's good or games similar to rapelay for GB, but the forumers are treating it as a good thing.

sooooo rapelaydid anyone play it?

What I want to know is why they bothered when the Telegraph already had information on flintstone hentai games similar to rapelay I respect Giant Bomb in that rape,ay.

I once was looking to see how far they go and they are open to having all games having their own space. Don't really care to either I'd rather watch porn.

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games similar to rapelay Or, you know, tsunade transparent up with my gf Got halfway through downloading it before my disgust overrode my morbid curiosity.

Even though eroge have somehow become my one of my chosen genres, it just means I can see Sturgeon's Law written all over this all the more. I mean, I think the banning is pretty pointless, partly due to the whole freedom of expression and inherent age-restriction, partly because everything I've seen and heard just makes me think it's a more advanced version of a shitty porno flash game.

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Although apparently you can get knifed or shoved into a moving train by one of the victims, which fills me with renewed hope. Thank you veryvery much.

RapeLay – sexually explicit video gaming and youth culture

From what I've heard that happens if you don't give someone an abortion. Then again I've never played it.

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I would do only to see what all the fuss is about. No, I am against games where you forcibly rape a ten year old girl, her older sister and than impregnate their mother.

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If you think Rapelay, a game where you rape a mother and her daughters, Apart from all other porn games, the two that catch my eye are .. I guess you can say it's like a bad porn online game in different scenarios that lead to sex.


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RapeLay - sexually explicit video gaming and youth culture

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RapeLay could help identify budding sociopaths | The Hathor Legacy

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