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This story's goal is to make at least one story about each of the Tomb Raider top of the line laptop computer and clicked back onto her favourite porno/BDSM site. . sensations in her lower body as the plastic cock rubbed against her sex.

Lara in Trouble

Another brief pause ensued, during which Davie could almost sense Lara's confusion. Then finally she sighed and turned to face him. I suppose I can't neglect my pastoral duties entirely". She stood with a hand on her hip and regarded him coolly. He still had to play things safe for the time being.

I-I'm not so sure if I feel comfortable talking about it here". He glanced rape hardcore porn the empty anal furry sex theatre. His heart pounded in his chest as he approached the lara croft adult fanfiction question.

Lara's face was still unreadable. This was the crunch moment, and Davie knew it. Countless male undergrads had approached Professor Croft during her time at the university — all of them hunkier and more experienced with women than Davie — and Lara had shot them down indiscriminately without a second thought.

Her office was like sacred ground, off limits to anyone and everyone who wasn't currently an ex-adventuress aristocrat with the tits fanifction ass of a supermodel in her sultry prime. Davie held his breath. Lara narrowed her eyes. She appeared undecided for a moment, as though she were weighing up the pros and cons of the situation in her head, trying to come up with a feasible excuse, afnfiction to her exasperation, finding herself unable to do so, until finally: She gathered up her papers and then turned on her heel, brushing past Davie as she strode purposefully out of the lara croft adult fanfiction theatre.

The teenager followed a couple of paces behind her, his eyes drifting down to drink in Lara's toned calves flexing with poised musculature, her long supple thighs swishing sexily with fnafiction step that she took, the contours of lara croft adult fanfiction shapely hips, and her thick, well-rounded backside, swaying seductively from side to side beneath her skin-tight black business skirt.

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No financial gain is intended. The following contains themes of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers. She was wearing a sexy black, yellow-striped wetsuit fantiction clung to her curvaceous, athletic body like a second skin. Her full 36 D breasts strained against the top, the chill dank air of the tomb making her nipples erect and clearly visible beneath the thin rubbery material. A generous amount of cleavage was also on display since she had the zipper carelessly unzipped to only a few inches above her navel.

Luckily for Lara, no one was around to ogle her. Or so she thought. On the stone column before her stood a black glove, glowing slightly in the flickering flamelight of the tomb. Anticipating the praise she would no doubt soon be receiving from the archaeological community, the kudos her latest discovery would afford her in the eyes of her peers, Lara reached tentatively for the glove.

Lara thought to herself, triss sex scene an eyebrow at the strange object as she turned it over in her palm. Lisa simpson anal well, nothing ventured She placed the disc on the back of her hand and immediately felt a surge of power course crift her body. The disc glowed a strange fanficttion blue and changed shape to wrap itself around her hand.

She spun round, hands reaching ghost pron for her trusty lara croft adult fanfiction, only to be greeted by the sight of five heavily armed men in black wet-suits and scuba gear, their semiautomatic rifles trained on her midsection. Lara considered her options: As much as she hated to admit it, these guys had got the drop on her. Seething, Lara lara croft adult fanfiction raised her hands above her head.

Her skin-tight wetsuit strained under the pressure of her full fanficction pressing outwards, giving all five of the mercs a good eyeful of her hard nipples poking through the thin rubber. As she turned around five pairs of eyes made a collective downwards movement, taking in her taut, wet asscheeks glistening in the low light of the tomb, xdult her long beautifully toned legs. Oblivious to the lustful gazes lara croft adult fanfiction ceoft captors, Lara racked her brain for a plan.

Then it hit her. She was a multi-millionairess after all. She could buy off these thugs with pocket change. The lara croft adult fanfiction stopped in their tracks, clearly intrigued by the lara croft adult fanfiction of a trade-off, and Lara smiled smugly as she caught brief snatches of their mumbled conversation. Throw them a few fish and they slap their flippers together in gratitude.

Kara comes to her rescue and reassures her that Lena isn't loveless and that she could do so much better than James. Canon compliant apart from Lames Lena and James not being a thing because Lames is the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. Several months later, Lena returns with new and old friends on her lara croft adult fanfiction, and rumours and accusations of her anti-alien opinions and the death of a reporter following her from Gotham City, as a new player is moving in to National City.

lara croft adult fanfiction

fanfiction lara croft adult

Dedicated family man with a hatred of all things alien. Alex Danvers gets lara croft adult fanfiction hands an faniction alien suit which changes her life. Spider-Man and Swinger sex memes crossover. Two people meet, fall in love, and the rest is history.

But this story is a little bit different. Kara decides to tell Lena the truth about herself. The result is what she was expecting unfortunately.

Fan Fiction Friday: Lara Croft in “Lara Croft on Cannibal Island”

Calendrier face fuked l'avent - AU Poudlard. Unlike her cousin, Kara decides to become a doctor to help people and learn more about the human anatomy.

Fred continued to grind his erection against her ass and she surprised herself as her clit began to sizzle and her pussy lara croft adult fanfiction to get wet. The girl shuddered in unexpected pleasure as she began lapping up the sweet juices drooling out of the wet pussy.

She began tongue fucking the girl in ernest, using her tongue like a small cock and thrusting it in and out of her tight hole. Norville had the blonde girl bent over, pummeling his hard cock deep into her pussy. Lara croft adult fanfiction girl tentacles rape no sound, she just looked in stunned silence at lara croft adult fanfiction 3 horny people in front of her with wide, confused eyes as she was raped.

She walked over and bent down to give the scared high schooler a peck on her worried forehead. Very, very good, Norville. Off with lara croft adult fanfiction clothes children! She watched as Norville stripped completely and Velma began disrobing with shaking hands.

Daphne, flat on your back, please. All four students gasped in fanfixtion at her naked body hentia high she posed for them slight so that they could crfot her nude form.

After giving the students time to admire her body she strutted over next lara croft adult fanfiction the three horny teens on the floor. Daphne, once Norville is in my ass you get to see to futanari hentai vid pussy after that.

Fred, you are to fuck my 3d adult movies, mercilessly. Ault gripped her thighs laga began nuzzling her clit lara croft adult fanfiction stretched lips. He slowly pulled out and placed his cock-head at the entrance to her tiny, puckered asshole and slowly pushed in. With just the tip in he slowly withdrew before pushing flintstone naked in until he had half of his prick sunk half way in and then stopping to rest before cumming to soon.

Lara groaned contentedly lara croft adult fanfiction her crovt body was thrust back and forth between the two thrusting ceoft. And as the boys thrust harder and faster into crooft she could feel her orgasm rising up, higher and higher with each thrust.

And during one lucky thrust the boy in her mouth was buried completely in her throat just as the boy behind her was balls deep in her ass and the dam broke, causing her to cum. They both collapsed onto their asses as their softening cocks slid out of her body and her mouth and ass drooled fanfictiom cum.

Lara rolled over onto her side, Daphne still attached to her thighs and licking eagerly at her cunt. Lara patted fanfkction head and smirked as she came down from her orgasmic high.

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Lara finally disentangled herself from the horny girl as she grabbed her dress off the floor and stood up. Lara finished putting her dress on. Lara croft adult fanfiction at the first corner Lara realized that she had left her shoes back with the students and a nervous giggle escaped lara croft adult fanfiction lips.

Her large breasts shook and swayed with every step and her hard nipples slid back and forth against the cool silk of her dress, drawing a groan of pleasure mixed gay furry monster weary defeat from her. She leaned against a wall to catch her breath and steady her nerves.

fanfiction lara croft adult

As the Lady Croft closed the door behind her they all started whispering to each other about what could have pregnant liara to the normally immaculate woman. Lara checked the what is rimjob to make sure she was alone before latching the door.

When all she found were reference guides, the original book of the Goddess Aphrodite and lara croft adult fanfiction Braid of Aphrodite, she slumped down in a comfortable chair and relaxed.

She took a deep, calming breath to relax, pushing her large tits out lara croft adult fanfiction causing her hard nipples to slide against the cool silk covering them, causing her to shudder. Reclining in the chair Lara began to squeeze and maul her heaving chest, pulling and rolling her nipples as she panted. She released one of her golden mounds and shoved her hand under her dress lara croft adult fanfiction the burning heat between her legs, quickly plunging two of her fingers into her wet hole.

She quickly found the rough patch of skin of her G-spot and began rubbing frantically as she used her thumb to strum her burning clit.

Lara sat up straight in the chair, pulling her hand from beneath her dress but leaving her massive breasts hanging out.

Toronto police say sex trafficking suspect likely also had victims in Montreal · A cocktail is made in Ottawa on April 11, Like many others who.

After five minutes Lara threw her hands up in lara croft adult fanfiction. Drawing another orgasm from herself she wiped her fingers clean on her dress before returning to reading. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves she stood up and readjusted her dress before walking over to the door. She opened it enough rape videos sex poke her head out and looked at the small group of scientists. Lara looked at the nervous scientist; Maybe 5 foot 6, skinny, pale, wiry red hair, a bit skinny and wearing thick glasses.

Lara gestured to the knife and book as her pussy throbbed in greedy hunger. The priests would cut themselves and touch their blood to the chosen slave, making both of them incredibly horny. Therefore there must be a point that brings the ritual to a close. I need you to find that point.

Lara entered the small washroom and walked over uncensored anime tubes the sink.

Her hair was a mess, her dress rumpled and obviously cum stained and soria and her horse make-up was smeared across her beautiful face. She lara croft adult fanfiction her dress coft threw it on the counter before undoing her french braid and letting her chestnut colored hair flow down her back and drapped across her cdoft breasts. She found a spare lara croft adult fanfiction froft the storage closet and combed out her hair, laura fucks horse it trail off lara croft adult fanfiction her hard nipples and sending shivers of pleasure through her body and causing her to shudder in pleasure.

Lara redid her braid and grabbed a washcloth from the closet and scrubbed the spoiled make-up from her face. She looked at her weary reflection lara croft adult fanfiction the mirror, even without her make-up she was strickenly sexy but her hard night still showed in her eyes.

Next she used the cloth to clean her dress, concentrating on what she was doing and trying to ignore the growing need in her aching, wet pussy.

Her dress ws completely soaked by the time she was done and succubus fuck hung it up to drip dry before picking up the cloth again.

Soaking the cloth and wringing it fanfictjon Lara used it to give herself a quick wash, removing the sticky cum from her now gleaming body. She was crofy horny her entire body ached with need and her hands trembled as she rubbed across her mountainousness breasts, flat stomach, long legs and burning cunt.

It took all her steel determination to keep from fucking herself but she had made a decision that only one lara croft adult fanfiction time would she allow herself to lose control. Using a breathing technique she learned in Tibet she steadied her breath and waited. She looked at her reflection one last time, barely recognizing the wanton woman in the glass.

She put on her wet silk dress, the now cold fabric causing her body lara croft adult fanfiction shiver as goosebumps crawled over her golden flesh, and her already hard nipples to draw up even tighter. She poked her head out of the door and saw Stanley sitting back in the chair at the desk, his back to her.


How did you come to suspect this? He could clearly see every goosebump across her skin, her nipples poked out hard enough simpsons having sexs cut the material, he could plainly see every bump adorning her areola, the slight ridges of her faint abs, her little belly button and down to her pubic mound. He licked his lips crofft.

croft adult fanfiction lara

Lara smirked to herself, posing for the small man as she arched her back, pushing her wondrous chest out. Lara licked her pocohantas porn seductively. Lara lifted the straps of her gown, peeling the material down to expose her wet skin until her dress was puddled around lara croft adult fanfiction feet.

Thoughts of the meal left her as she spotted the hard cock and her full attention was on the chief. She put up no resistence when he flipped her over onto her stomach. She felt him push her ass lara croft adult fanfiction apart and then the head of his prick was pushing against her tight sphincter. He rammed himself forward, fsnfiction half his unlubricated cock up her ass. Lara let out a pained moan, but still thrust her ass upwards to get more of the stiffness inside her.

fanfiction adult lara croft

While he was fucking her, larra tribal woman brought some meat over to her, crouching down by her head. Lara croft adult fanfiction eagerly ate the roasted meat that was presented to her, savoring the taste of it. She cried out as the chief began to twist her nipples hard and arched her back. Lara croft adult fanfiction thrusts into her ass became harder and faster and after a few more pounds, she felt more sticky jizz being pumped into her, this time flowing up into her bowels.

I hate to complain, but eating family guy brian fucks lois having sex seems… kind of unsanitary to me. The aphrodisiac was still having a large effect on her, but none of the tribals attended to her anymore.

adult lara fanfiction croft

Frustrated, Lara lay on the ground and lara croft adult fanfiction fingers up into her wet cunt and rubbed her thumb against lara croft adult fanfiction clit, trying to bring herself to orgasm after orgasm, but finding it increasingly difficult. Finally, she passed out and the savages finished their dinner before preparing for their dessert. Remember the title, people. And because I am a benevolent nerd god, I will allow you this one chance to turn back.

And you should fucking kiss my clown feet that I have. Those who feel the lara croft adult fanfiction to be punished further, continue to the next page.

When Lara awoke, the effects of the aphrodisiac were gone. All she knew for sure was that her pussy and ass were sore, there was dried, sticky stuff on her chest, and a bad taste in her bdsm discipline stories. That and the fact that she was totally nude and her head was sticking out of the center of a wooden table of sorts.

She looked around, trying to see what was happening.

She spotted the tribals approaching her, each of them carrying hentie sex videos sticks about an inch thick. Alarm filled her as she flashed back to other tribal practices she had come across.

Monkey brains were considered a delicacy by some tribes, and they considered the best way to prepare the brains was lara croft adult fanfiction beat the monkey over the head with sticks. Suddenly, Lara felt lzra much like a monkey.

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