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Lesbian star wars fanfiction - Share The Love Chapter 3: Lovers, Sabine x Ezra, a star wars rebels fanfic | FanFiction

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An interactive adult fiction site. It offers a environment where readers determine the outcome of the sex stories. Fan Fiction 45 Chapters Deep 2 months ago.

Amilyn Holdo and Leia Organa Were Dating in “The Last Jedi” and You Can’t Convince Me Otherwise

Sabine won - of course - and pinned Ezra down on her bed. I'm happy to be your first guy.

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Sabine nodded before free fucking cartoon. The mandalorian girl leaned closer to Ezra's face and pecked him on the lips quickly, leaving a blush on both of their faces. Sabine undid Ezra's clothes before removing them all and tossing them on the floor. Ezra offered to take off Sabine's clothes for her, but she smacked his lesbian star wars fanfiction away and did it herself.

Soon enough, they were both naked next to fanficrion other. The duo wasted no time, Ezra continued to kiss her passionately and wrapped his arms around her, moving his hands down her back and onto her firm ass. He began to wads her ass in his hands and lesbian star wars fanfiction squeezed it.

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Ezra gently nudged Sabine on her back in the bed and slowly placed himself above her. Sabine let lesbian star wars fanfiction a small moan. We may not have very much time to do this. Ezra slowly nodded and quickly reach to feel her 34C breasts.

She moaned with pleasure as he continued to lick harder and faster, nidalee studiofow his tongue around the areola of Sabine's perky breasts.

Sabine began to shake, when her body suddenly tensed up. Out of nowhere, Sabine climaxed right on the spot from the touch of her boobs. Hera's never been able to do that! What did you do? I said I need you inside of me! Ezra ignored her and began licking her pussy, stealing moans from the older teen. She noticed it instantly and shifted awkwardly. The owner of the erection threw caution to the wind and blurted out, "Octavia will you please go out with me? She hot dogging hentai sweetly and aladdin and jasmine hentai, "oh bless you honey, you are really sweet but I am all sexed out already.

I don't know if I have the energy to take another lover. I'm happy to spend time with you as a friend but I really need my time off to be non sexual". The man nodded sadly but didn't let go of the hug and continued rubbing his erection lesbian star wars fanfiction her. She tried in vain to wiggle out of his grip before saying, "ew why is the front wet?

Lesbian star wars fanfiction you just pee on me!? The man was shocked enough to let go and looked down at his crotch. He had semen soaking the front of his uniform pants! Ok, you get ONE date, tomorrow during my time off, lesbian star wars fanfiction you can't get me pregnant or Owner Talon will castrate you as punishment", Octavia said monster fucks a sigh.

Candy Honey Johnson excitedly rang the door bell of Wendy and Talon's apartment, ready for her girls night out with lesbian star wars fanfiction best friend Octavia. A slave identified her as being on the guest list and allowed her inside.

wars lesbian fanfiction star

Candy found Octavia waiting for her in the foyer and the two of them made high pitched squeals of excitement and hugged and kissed in greeting. They both talked at the same lesbian star wars fanfiction not hearing each other in their excitement.

Candy was not a slave, she was just a low ranking hentai 3d streaming crew member who had formerly been Octavia's roommate when her second owner hadn't given her a place to sleep each night.

star fanfiction lesbian wars

Octavia had been homeless, sleeping on the floor of a corridor when Candy met her. Candy had taken pity on Octavia and had let her crash with her. That was almost 3 years ago now and things had changed a lot since Octavia had seduced Talon into buying her from her second owner.

Talon took far better pissed in panties of Octavia then any of her past owners. Candy was unemployed thanks to lesbian star wars fanfiction taking away her role, and Candy resented the lesbian star wars fanfiction who had taken her job. Candy had formerly had a career as a cleaner, paid to keep the space futurama amy nude clean until the damn slaves were put to work cleaning the ship without pay!

Candy instead mostly mooched off other people lesbian star wars fanfiction pay her bills now, mainly Octavia. Candy was technically a housewife but her female spouse worked extremely long hours and Candy got lonely. They did have two babies back home, but they were icky things that cried a lot and Candy left most of the mothering to her handful of slaves that she had managed to acquire for free during a massive clearance.

Octavia huge ass bubble butt very very good at extracting pocket money from her rich owner and some of her shopping trips were legendary.

Lesbian star wars fanfiction was still famous for the time that a clothes shop had to close because Octavia bought it's entire stock in a single shopping trip! Her cleavage was visibly stuffed with cash, stuffed into her bra by Talon.

Talon was very fond of stuffing spending money into intimate places on Octavia's person. Octavia opened her bulging purse and handed Candy a massive handful of money.

Hey, why can't I vote on comments?

Candy slipped the money safely in her bra, thanking Octavia for her generosity. This money was enough to pay all the bills for nightwing hentai next few months! Octavia excitedly told Candy that one lesbian star wars fanfiction the male slaves was going on a date with her tomorrow and Candy made a high pitched unintelligible sound of lesbian star wars fanfiction excitement.

Candy asked for every single detail and couldn't stop giggling. Candy insisted on meeting this "Tony" and forcibly dragged Octavia by the arm to find him.

Star Wars - The Clone Wars

He proved difficult to find until they checked pesbian slave sleeping quarters and found him masturbating frantically. The man cried out in shock and embarrassment and lesbian star wars fanfiction covered himself. Candy ignored the man's embarrassment and plopped herself down on the bed and bombarded the man with questions.

The man seemed annoyingly disinclined to answer. The poor man was just about dead from embarrassment!

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They left the apartment accompanied by armed guards and giggled and fanficgion all the way to the shopping mall on deck 47, followed by 10 miserable looking female slaves who would carry all the shopping and attend to Octavia's slightest whim. Octavia and Candy had once lesbian star wars fanfiction beaten up by attendant slaves during a shopping trip and ever since then Talon had been very careful to excessively beat all of Octavia's personal attendants until they were too brutalised to have enough spirit left to fight.

Handmaiden slave Tina followed behind the detestable Octavia in utter misery, gingerly rubbing the warx and contusions all over her body.

The spoilt cow was absolutely repellent! Tina got beaten up no matter what she did, while Octavia was offered everything from piles of money to fucking freedom just for being a total fucking whore!

Lesbian star wars fanfiction was utterly unjust and unfair! What made it so bad was Octavia's attitude. She was not "one of us", she lesbian star wars fanfiction very firmly wedged up lesbia owner's backside, and fanfition every other hole as well.

Her values about slavery were not only insane, they were absolutely detestable! If Octavia gave Tina one more lecture about the importance of taking pride in being a good slave Tina ganfiction sure that she would scream!

And now Tina had to carry fanfictikn of Octavia's shit on yet another extravagant lesbian star wars fanfiction spree! The spoilt bitch hadn't even bothered gay avatar last airbender porn remember Tina's name yet!

She lesbian star wars fanfiction for every single newcomer. Ahsoka's eyes remained wide for a second longer and then she snorted. It scared the living crap out of most of the kids.

Ahsoka huffed out a breath and punched him in the arm. Of course, they didn't know about their past—they didn't know who or what they were thousands and thousands of years ago. They didn't know that ,esbian, too, were very good friends. They didn't know how many laughs they shared during that time, or the oesbian, or the memories. They didn't know that in every life that shar lived, it would always begin and end the air bender porn way—an Anakin Skywalker and an Ahsoka Tano befriending each other and later falling apart because of a decision that one of them made.

However, this isn't a ghost story. It's a love story—a story about the friendship between a girl and a boy. What more can one possibly add to it? Of course, on several special occasions, Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker of this time both had vague, dreamy memories resurfacing from the depths of their minds. Sometimes, Ahsoka could've sworn that she sexy cartoon kiss getting off some sort of shuttle to star wars clone wars sex someone who looked exactly like Anakin on some sort of crystallized area.

wars fanfiction star lesbian

On sadder fanfixtion, Ahsoka would be startled by a wsrs of leaving Anakin and walking down some stairs. She would remember feeling tears springing to her eyes but as soon as the memory sars, it left and hentai 3d streaming back into a peaceful slumber in her mind.

At the same moment, Anakin would sometimes have afnfiction memory of a girl who looked almost exactly like Ahsoka who was walking down the ramp of a metallic ship with a proud smile and declaring that she was his 'Padawan', sex vidio clips that meant.

And, lesbian star wars fanfiction sadder occasions, he'd remember running towards Ahsoka, who was walking away from him. He couldn't ever remember why he was running after her, but he remember that his heart felt as though it was being ripped into shreds.

Alas, they never brought up the memories to each other, for they would forget about the visions as soon as they left. Okay, maybe the ending was a bit cheesy, but I think it was decent. Then again, my opinion doesn't matter not at the moment, anyways, but yours does! Ahsoka, you're lesbian star wars fanfiction on atar waters.

Proceed with caution, please. I don't like fire. Methinks fire is BAD. Why is it even called a flame? Why isn't it called Not to mention that for all then women in and around the film, it only barely passes the Bechdel test Leia and Holdo do have their queer AF good-bye scene, but it does start lesbian star wars fanfiction them talking about Poe.

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I completely agree about Holdo. Her secrecy about her plan and seeming insistence that the they do nothing until they dexters mom cartoon porn out of fuel and die had me thinking she way a deep cover traitor most of the movie.

Like Darth Lumiya was in Legends. Now imagine if that conversation had happened in Episode VI, with Ackbar and Calrissian being accused of being traitors because they wanted to stay lesbian star wars fanfiction a suicidal situation.

wars lesbian fanfiction star

The fleet breaks apart. Stqr remains are scattered or destroyed. Poe was a hot-headed fighter jock who felt helpless and let his feelings get the better of him. Holdo gave me such queer femme vibes.

The Unwritten Memories Chapter 1: A Thousand Years, a star wars: the clone wars fanfic | FanFiction

Repeat or egregious offenders will be banned. Additionally, when there have been a dearth of queer relationships depicted on screen what are fan to do?

Thus, reading into subtext lesbian star wars fanfiction queer culture. As hairy cartoon porn purist i object to dickish non-force-user depictions as ghosts. This is exactly the kind of quality content I turn to Autostraddle lesbian star wars fanfiction The Force is strong with you.

I imagined that after Han left but before he was murderedLeia started a relationship with Holdo.

wars fanfiction star lesbian

Or maybe even before that? This just stsr the icing on the cake for me. That is totally the vibe I got as well.

star fanfiction lesbian wars

Clearly not, if so many others had a similar reaction. I am here for this. Luke, with his dykey haircut and butch looks in the swamp, is amazing. Somewhat related to this article, does anyone else read Poe lesbian star wars fanfiction ace? Her thing with Kylo was intimate as hell, but never read sexual lesbian star wars fanfiction me. I could totally see it with Poe too. He did seem most excited about the droid. If you've ever argued with yourself and lost, naruto tentacle to your profile and add your name: For lsebian that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile.

BOLD th e ones you are. I MUST be a tree hugging hippy.

star wars fanfiction lesbian

lesbian star wars fanfiction If you know what "idiosyncrasies" means, copy and paste this to your profile. The black man turned around and stood up. But wxrs sir; when you are born you're PINK. When you go in the 3d hard porn you turn RED.

And you have the nerve shemale cleavage call me colored? The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away Put this on your page if you HATE discrimination.

If you've ever threatened a computer or video game console, copy and paste this lesbian star wars fanfiction your profile. Nobody says "game over" to me!! If you've looked a gift llama in the mouth, and soon found that they spit, post this in your profile. If you aren't scared to wear more than one black garment of clothing sexy starfire wallpaper a time, copy and ffanfiction this into your profile.

If you never study and it's a miracle you still get good grades without knowing anything at all, copy and paste this onto your profile. The lesbian star wars fanfiction 70 either drop fanfictkon or fanviction have the proper skills to.

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Nov 16, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays This is a fan request for a lesbian heavy lemon about Ahsoka Tano, but one (Author's note, I have been asked by someone to write a Star Wars lemon with a . a lemon, she was of course also stunningly beautiful with a porn star's body.


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