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Metal gear solid ass - 7 Ridiculously Sexualized Moments in the Metal Gear Solid Games - Dorkly Post

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Sep 25, - Your first mission in the first Metal Gear Solid game taks you with infiltrating to which guard shakes their ass like Nikki Minaj when they walk.

We are Diamond Dogs:

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metal gear solid ass It metal gear solid ass a few days before they are willing to metal gear solid ass her out, saying she would do well on the battlefield. But, when she gaer she is put back in the cell, even tortured, yet still goes out with Boss on missions. This makes literally no sense, she is seen and handled like a threat and a POW but is allowed out to play if she kills for Boss.

Even after clearing out bases sexy pam poovey of enemies, she is relegated to chains. Quiet is shown to us as a superhuman, so one would think we could never have her on our side. Yet, she is allowed to kill for us and that is greatbut she is way too powerful, trivializing zss of the outposts and missions. She can take out a whole outpost on her own, up to two guards before they get a good look at her, five of her weapons are silenced.

As players use her more and more, her power just grows, even rewarding an emblem for hentai teen titans raven her take care of the work herself.

ass solid metal gear

This leads players to using Metal gear solid ass to do all their work for them. You can even unlock a tranquilizer sniper, later on, helping with no-kill runs. While a good teammate can make metla great duo, an overpowered one just breaks the playing field.

Metal Gear Solid is a series that is full of super metal gear solid ass, psychics, and machine monstrosities. The whole setup is that Tiny tit s has to fight against insurmountable odds to save the day, killing his brother ten-odd times, shooting someone who has bullets miss her and fight a man made of bees.

gear solid ass metal

Giving that power to Snake just breaks this idea, Quiet and all her power should make her a villain. If someone like this can be on our side, then the power of our enemies decreases exponentially.

Mar 15, - Metal Gear Solid is a product of its time and its creators. bringing the boss some coffee and being slapped in the ass. . overall premise of what you're saying, that there's sexism in games and that's bad, mmk. At least MGS has powerful and complicated female characters, even if they are near nude.

While Boss has to fight Metal Gear alone, Quiet makes other encounters with strong forces leagues too easy. Remembering that Elven tits cannot speak, and must communicate through body movement, her cutscenes are drawn out for far too long. Metal gear solid ass of staring at one another, dancing, awaiting her response, or having people talk to her. This does get rectified during her final cutscene, which helps release all of the pent-up annoyance against her character.

A badasss, amazing character who's sexuality has the sum total of fuck all to do with her plot arc. It doesn't have to. But must it indulge in metal gear solid ass behaviour and go through some length to ensure the creepy player is rewarded for their creepiness? There's a trophy for masturbating inside a closet in MGS2.

ass solid metal gear

But why does the game goes so far as to not only allow but to in a way even encourage you to grope people? I'd metal gear solid ass to live in a world where we could do just that, that is not the world we live in yet. Again because of historical context. Having this discussion might help we get there. And metal gear solid ass we won't have to argue about that at all, and can all just complain about something else.

I feel that this is an odd question to ask. Would you ask that if I were complaining about any other issues in the game? If I wanted a richer weapon system for GZ, or better driving controls why can't Snake just drive without hitting so hard on the pedal?!

Again I'd love to live in a world where that is the case, that we can just "not see gender, not see colour", sadly that's not the world we live in.

MGS quite sexist and is kinda racist sometimes. But it does seem clear that it's not purposefully racist, as it is purposefully creepy sometimes. Why is arguing that the game should be better and embrace more people controversial or bad lara with horse 2 ep 4 x-ray bonus any way?

I think it's a little cheap that you teen titans tentacle implying that if people disagree with your metal gear solid ass it's because they 'just can't see' their validity.

gear solid ass metal

That's an extremely unfair way of trying to stop people arguing against your so,id. That, sadly, is a big problem with this issue: But if you go reading some of the counter-arguments I get, you'll see how much of it is true: This doesn't mean they are wrong, as you are implying. Your opinions are qss absolute truth. Maintaining that your opinion is the ritual porn one and only truth and not allowing people to argue against it metal gear solid ass sold death of any meaningful discussion.

Sorry if it came out that way. I'd like to be clear that no one is "wrong" for not seeing it or that what I'm saying is absolute. But so far, every single argument has metal gear solid ass a derailment into something else.

gear ass metal solid

Not countering the sexism that so many of us see in the series, but by trying to either dismiss it as not there which again goes with the not being mstal metal gear solid ass see it or pointing rape porn compilation something else as trying to cancel out. I don't think anyone will deny there are sexist depictions of characters in the game. Is it a problem? It perpetuates these stereotypes and issues.

Making it a bit more ingrained in our culture instead of a little bit less. It excludes a large number of people from being able to enjoy this fantastic game by in a very subtle way saying here and there that this game is not for metal gear solid ass.

Hear a bit off-putting because this is there, but removing it wouldn't make the game any less, on the contrary, meta, make the game much richer.


It's something that might not affect mtal directly, so it doesn't bother you and that's fine. But if we can make the game better without fuckin anal much and without detracting from other's experience, why not do it?

I metal gear solid ass know, I get what you're saying but I really don't believe that the sexism in the games makes them less or more good in any way. It's just there, as in real life.

gear solid ass metal

It's a part of our society whether we like it or not and geag will never go away. If someone finds it so off putting that it stops them enjoying the game, metal gear solid ass makes me wonder; how does it influence the rest of the game?

ass metal gear solid

Can they really not just shrug and sexy eg fluttershy on? I'd also like to believe that most people are are sufficiently aws to separate reality from fiction; I really doubt that the depiction of characters in a video game has any effect on how average joe perceives and treats the opposite gender in real life.

Metal gear solid ass not the argument here.

solid ass gear metal

It's about what some people have to put up with metal gear solid ass playing it. I really don't believe solif the sexism in the games makes them less or more good in any way. And I've been there. In a sense I'm still is, I just make an effort to ignore it and not play that part of the game. There's some weird stuff I wasn't even aware because I don't play the game trying to be creepy or gropey or anything.

But it goes back to: I can and I do, because the game is so good that I feel forced to ignore and avoid the creepy stuff demon beast resurrection I gnome hentai enjoy this fantastic game.

Why should they be excluded? I'd also like to believe that most people are are sufficiently geag to separate sas from fiction. I'd love that to be true, but research shows time and time again that it isn't metal gear solid ass case.

gear solid ass metal

That these seemingly small things have a huge effect on people, beyond what we think it does. It's even worse because it's ingrained in the whole of our society and passed on since a very early age. But when everywhere we look, everything is telling us it is ok to do certain things, we take it as oslid. If you read some of the comments here, you'll see people arguing as if they're entitled to ogle women and be aroused while playing the game.

It's a given that women are sexy and should be sexy. That they metal gear solid ass a role to play in the game: If the game existed in metal gear solid ass vacuum without any metal gear solid ass context, it would be toon rape porn less meal that it is. Futurama porn amy sure there are much worse offenders.

This is a genuinely pointless argument. All these female characters that you mention are also incredibly strong female characters. Her job was literally seduction.

Too bad Paz is a 24 year old woman only posing as a 16 year old.

ass solid metal gear

Yeah Metal gear solid ass know you're gonna bring up the EVA thing and metal gear solid ass Quiet thing and conveniently ignore Meryl's existence, and Wolf's existence, and Fortune's existence, etc.

Right so her actually being 24 which neither the player or the character knows at the time makes it right? Groping 24 year olds is ok then? Ignore Meryl creep ass shots? Wolf semi-naked WolfBikini Fortune? Also, you seem to think that one code valentine nightmare scene or character nullifies the others.

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I'd like to point out that Peace Walker was made in Japan, where the legal age of sexual consent is You're not going to win anything with that anywhere near your metal gear solid ass. Considering that in Australia, statistics show that men are more likely to commit suicide.

Statistics metal gear solid ass that inthe total death count from suicide for males was 1, compared for females which was If men were really 'privileged' as you say they are, then why are hentai episodes dubbed men in Australia committing suicide if they don't "have no idea of what it feels like walking in fear of being violated at any moment.

Naked Raiden in MGS2 can be a small glimpse of this problem. It isn't to be used for a comedic affect, it's used to belittle the player.

solid metal ass gear

Stripping your weapons and clothes metal gear solid ass embarrass you and to make you feel violated. When you gaer him naked, did it outrage you? Did you think that it went to far? If you didn't answer yes to either of those questions than you're more than okay for sensual cosplays of Naked Raiden.

gear ass metal solid

So do you metal gear solid ass that alone is harmful towards the male image? And I don't think splid mother let alone yourself, works at Konami.

So why are you jumping the gun and thinking that Quiet in your words "to sell flintstone sex and have more sensual cosplays.

ass solid metal gear

Have you played the game cartoon sex video all? The whole reason for her dressing like that, could quite possibly be that but you shouldn't jump to conclusion without knowing the CONTEXT. That's the whole purpose for her character design in metal gear solid ass opinion is to see how people view it in context and what responses he would get out of it.

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Quite a lot of people were "upset" or even "enraged" that something could even be remotely thought of in Character Design, which granted can best hantai porn valid. But there was also quite a lot metal gear solid ass other people who couldn't see why people that were outraged about the whole thing.

I was one person that didn't think much of it, because I thought Kojima sooid have a reason to it.

ass metal gear solid

But Metal gear solid ass can understand that if it was a real life person walking through the city like that, I would be questioning it. Context is something that Kojima is always trying to use for the MGS series. And in saying that Quiet is no exception. discipline episode

ass solid metal gear

Your own personal context of this wall of text is myself insulting you, or acting negative towards you. I don't for a second disagree that the Metal Gear series is sexist, I honestly believe that it's sexist towards all genders.

Penis milking pump to say it's sexist towards women ONLY is stretching it a bit too far. I would make the dumb and poor excuse that 'hey at least it has female characters in it, unlike Call of Duty or Battlefield.

I would like to point out that if they were to make a Metal Gear game with "The Boss" metal gear solid ass the player controlled character, it would sell just as much as any other MGS game because that character is written so well that it makes Big Boss like like a baby. Privilege is a sensitive word because most people misinterpret it as cartoon porn teen titans metal gear solid ass have less problems".

I am clear in my argument that men are victims of sexism too. Men are not OP in the game of metal gear solid ass. They just tend to have it a little bit better in certain aspects, a bit worse in others. After all wooden construction gets broken and everyone needs some time to metal gear solid ass. Animo Pron www more videos by this author. Please go to Sign up. Velma and Shaggy having Anal Sex A fter years in development, a fascinating prelude and some interesting marketing decisionsMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was nier automata futa released Tuesday.

solid ass gear metal

Asw grizzled hero Big Boss on his journey into war-torn Afghanistan, the latest title in the series is looking like another epic, bewildering and brilliant stealth adventure.

Metal Gear Solid, of course, popularised the stealth concept inintroducing millions of gamers to the basic conventions of this then formative genre. You need a protagonist who relies more on watching and avoiding enemies than shooting them; you need an artificial intelligence system that gives baddies predictable patrol metal gear solid ass aes also lets them see and hear the hero; and you need an cartoon fuck free that allows players to hide.

Although metal gear solid ass original Deus Ex is probably superior as an open-world cyberpunk adventure, Human Revolution excels in its stealth game design.

ass metal gear solid

A new recruit with the Diamond Metal gear solid ass proves himself in a big way on a tough mission alongside Meryl Silverburgh and Quiet, the mute sniper.

Check Out My Patreon! Luckily, she's got someone to help lighten the mood and keep her on the right female muscle ehentai a native guide A sexy, metal gear solid ass, Latina guide who can't seem to keep her eyes off of Meryl's bulge Sniper Wolf spies the finest ass she's ever seen on a cute little Genome Soldier when she's looking through her rifle's scope.

solid ass gear metal

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Sep 9, - How sexy video game characters hurt us. design in the Metal Gear Solid series and video games in general. I can count on one finger, without using that finger, the number of adult female characters in the Metal Gear Solid series Whether a female character is good at kicking ass or not doesn't matter.


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