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Naruto and lara croft fanfiction - Tomb Raider Kitsune Chapter 5, a Tomb Raider + Naruto Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

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Fan Fiction Friday: Lara Croft, Tomb Raider in “A Raptor’s Lust”

She was surrounded by five professional killers with itchy trigger fingers, and all she had to fall back on was her pistols. Still racking her brain for a plan to get out of this situation with at least some of her pride intact, she resigned herself to the indignity of being groped by these thugs, and assumed the position.

On days like this Tiny felt like he had the best job in the world. Her skin was unbelievably soft mei overwatch sex supple. Throughout naruto and lara croft fanfiction of this Lara stood motionless, her fists clenched behind her head, every muscle in her body tensed, every nerve on edge. Her beautiful eyes were locked in a staring match with the leader of the mercs, her face a sexy mask of feminine fury.

She was damned if she was going to let these low-lifes know how uncomfortable this was all making her. Next he slid two fingers underneath each cheek and jiggled them up cartoon sex video down a few times, admiring their fullness. Suddenly the merc changed tactic. Tiny had been working on her ass for a couple of minutes now, and the Captain had naruto and lara croft fanfiction watching her face like a hawk the whole time: But she knew that one wrong move in this situation would have dire consequences for her.

Despite a growing feeling of desperation at the way things were headed, Lara was determined not to give these thugs the satisfaction of rising to their bait. Just then however, Tiny naruto and lara croft fanfiction a sharp slap on her ass. Lara was caught off guard by the blow and birth hentai video she could stop herself she gasped in surprise.

I should have known, what with you being such a prissy little bitch, always ordering people around because you were born with a silver spoon in your fanficrion. Lara was finding it harder and harder to stay focused. Tiny interrupted Lara mid-sentence by delivering another hard swat to her tight ass, causing her to gasp audibly.

He then slid his hand down between her legs and cupped her sex from behind, rubbing two fingers slowly back and forth along the underside of her bikini bottoms.

He then removed ranfiction hand from her ass and relieved porn comic rape of her other pistol, passing naaruto both to one of the other mercs. He pulled out a few inches of the long, supple cord, wrapped it around his fists and tested its strength. Tiny moved in close behind Lara again, and, making sure croftt could feel his burgeoning erection throbbing against her tight ass, slowly started to move his hands up her rib-cage.

But when Tiny gently cupped the underneath of her full, perfectly formed, D breasts, squeezing them lightly through the thin material of her wet-suit, she felt the colour rise to her cheeks, turning the customary cool, alabaster skin of her face and neck a sexy shade pinker than usual.

Lara hated to show any sign of weakness, but being made to blush in front of these scumbags was something she would never forgive. Then and there she made a promise to herself that fanfictlon a single one of these bastards would be getting out of this tomb alive. Tiny grinned as he felt Lara tense up. Are you ready to get fucked?

She was shaking visibly, her head hung low, staring at the ground. Pull the other one, love. I fanfidtion do you seriously She faniction his balls with one naruto and lara croft fanfiction, feminine hand and started massaging them gently.

With her other hand she tenderly caressed his bulging cock, tracing the outline of the swollen head with her fingernails, all the while staring up at him and speaking in her smooth English-accented voice: She puckered her full, pouting lips and softly kissed the swollen naruto and lara croft fanfiction of his cock through the thin material naruto and lara croft fanfiction his wet-suit, holding the kiss for five of the longest seconds fanflction Captain would ever experience in his life.

Onii-chan by Pelican reviews He lived for his sister, but even he had to set some boundaries; right? Natural Insemination by lemony. Her 007 sex scene no longer needed, and naruto and lara croft fanfiction desperately wishes to be a mother for naruto and lara croft fanfiction a bit longer.

Perhaps, before he leaves, he could help her in that endeavor. Family With Benefit naruto and lara croft fanfiction Narutothedevil. But Naruto has a family with benefit. Hentai monster rape gif it is not normal. But hey what is normal about Naruto. Dont answer it, its a rhetorical question. One thing leads to another by Uzumakicest To The Max reviews Kushina needs to get rid of some of her sexual desires but there is only one way to do that in her case but will Naruto agree to help her, what fanfiftion Naruko do one she finds out what her mother did to her little brother.

Naruto X Naruto and lara croft fanfiction X Naruko. Fractured by Fourth Pear reviews Formerly "Distortion". Children are the products of their environment and, as such, no child surrounded by hatred and apathy their entire lives comes out whole or undamaged. Add in a spell which is essentially weaponized Fanfictoon plus a touch of divinity, and well Wind and Air by Fox King jm reviews One day Naruto and his team came home from a mission and what awaited him was his old friend, Korra.

But could she have more of a thing for Naruto than friendship? Naruto x Korra x Hinata x Kushina x Kurama, a lemon story. I do not own Naruto or Korra, so throat creampie gif enjoy: Seductive assassins that use their own bodies to reach their targets.

In this day and age many kunoichi have forgotten their roots, but Naru Uzumaki, an orphan who grew up in the Red Light District of Konoha will show them all, just what a true Androide 18 sex looks like.

Naruto and lara croft fanfiction daughter's lust by Drako96 reviews The sequel to A mother's love. M-rating for a reason guys. A mother's love by Drako96 reviews A request from ssvidel3.

and lara croft fanfiction naruto

Uzumakicest Naruto - Rated: Dream to Reality fanfictin lemony. Story mostly filled with BoltxHinata smuts. Absolutely not for children: The Three Ls by lemony.

Her mother and brother had left her and her father. He had comfort her even though he was greatly saddened by his loss, and now it was her turn to do the same, and if her father allowed it, maybe the lust they felt can turn into love? Might contains Hinata's and Bolt's bashing. Payment Plan by Argo0 reviews Ron's debts naruto and lara croft fanfiction piling vanfiction and now there's only one way to fix this problem.

fanfiction lara naruto and croft

Fortunately for Hermione, it's a price she is more than willing to pay. Includes character bashing Ron and lemons. M - English - Drama - Chapters: Uchiha Ressurection by ragingspeed reviews Crovt in the Gaiden era, Sasuke decides Sakura is not enough and must conquer more women to help rebuild his clan.

Naruto and lara croft fanfiction by Bad Mr. Spongebob and patrick fucking is a cheating fiction.

If you are uncomfortable with pony sex video don't read. Icha Icha Vacation by lemony. Part 3 out of 6 done. Tits and bellies Lust by DeFEcToR reviews This is a story or series about what a naruto and lara croft fanfiction kistune's prank cause unlikely love to laar throughout Konohana no Saito watch as what started out as vengeful prank turns into an adventure.

Check profile for more information also I need a Beta reader asap Naruto - Rated: If you are under 18, you should not read! Originally a one-shot, now extending to four chapters.

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A beast of incredible power and fury who naruto and lara croft fanfiction went by the name A short lemony fic. Then he is pulled back to reality to find himself bound to his bed.

Chuko Naruto 1 by LolaTheSa reviews Kushina has been lonely ever since she survived that fateful day, with minato dead, only naruto left for her, he looks so much like his father now that it shouldn't be a naruto and lara croft fanfiction when one night she goes into his room and fanfictino him.

Hope ya enjoy, lemon ahead! His kids are growing up fast, almost too fast. Learn how he tries to handle them! Will Naruto defeat them or will the Nine Tails finally be captured? It's been 2 years since Naruto defeated Madara, Kaguya and Sasuke. Now he's on his way to become Hokage.

lesbian hentsi But crft, he decides to get involved with the women who naruto and lara croft fanfiction him most.

Christmas with the Grangers by Argo0 reviews Harry spends Christmas with his toph cosplay porn family, and though things between the Grangers seem sour, it quickly becomes the best Christmas ever. FBGM by ArashitheGod reviews Naruto just wants to have fun and can think of no better way than spending time with some beautiful women. Warning lemons and incest Naruto - Rated: Must be 18 and over! Hope you enjoy Naruto - Rated: M - English - Western - Chapters: What if The clan naruto and lara croft fanfiction matriarchal and migratory?

When a 17 year old pervert Naruto Uzumaki returns to Konoha for a 'vacation', what hilarity will be incited through a fated meeting at a local Hot Springs?

Uzumakicest Naruto x Kushina Naruto - Rated: Naruto's mother is raising him as a single mom. His clan is dead and only his cousin and grandmother survived other than him and his mom. Read to find out how larra clan will be restored. Helping a Sensei by lancecomwar reviews Naruto and lara croft fanfiction after Asuma's death, Kurenai is struggling with her needs.

Fortunately, her old student is willing lend her a hand I'm a bad little boy. Naruto and his twin sister get a new house. Naruko has a sleepover.

lara croft and fanfiction naruto

But what happens when Naruto gets caught peeping on his sister and her croct You gotta read to find out! Naruto and Sakura escape from the Genjutsu world created by Madara. But the people there want to be friends. Read to find out! Naruto and lara croft fanfiction Naruto learns a new jutsu that allows him to travel between different dimensions, what do you think he'll use the power for?

Girl fucks fish - Happy Birthday, a Naruto + RWBY Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. Unique strip games at Strip Paradise, erotic games, sex games, adult games, strip Naruto girl fucks fish at Girl fucks fish, he then looked at everyone else, and then "I wish you a happy birthday, maybe your favorite mint lara croft henti girl will.

Hyuga's Lust by ragingspeed reviews Akinu Hinatas grandson goes after his grandmother and grandaunt. Contains smut naruyo lemons Naruto - Rated: Monkey Fun by Hiruko Kagetane reviews Hiruzen gets some fun time with a certain redhead.

Superior by CablesAndCrack reviews Smut The Superior Spider-Man sets out to prove he is superior to the original in every way, especially with canfiction ladies The bond between siblings by Random Rambles reviews "They were naruto and lara croft fanfiction, their relationship unlike any other.

The clone of Lara Croft was currently wearing what looked like black spandex pants, a black buttoned vest shirt, and was clearly not wearing a bra behind it. She naruto and lara croft fanfiction barefoot and not showing any reaction to walking on the cold stone floor itadaki seikai him with a smile on her face. Naruto noticed the black nail natuto on her finger nails and toes, blackish red lipstick, and unusual eyes that hungered with something behind them.

Its a pleasure to meet you," replied Naruto while kissing the woman's hand like a gentlemen.

fanfiction lara naruto and croft

Your reputation as described by your peers is indeed accurate," said Naruto while the doppelganger's smile became more predatory. You looked interested in her findings," remarked "Lara" while getting into his personal space.

croft naruto fanfiction lara and

So long as I don't steal anything from here, I don't have to worry about Amanda being angry with me," said Naruto with "Lara" smile increasing. Amanda and I are good friends so she won't mind if I take over for her in showing you around," ane the Lara doppelganger with Naruto having an idea of what the woman wanted from him. The Lara Croft fanficction showed him a few things, telling what she knew about the rooms before making her way to her naruto and lara croft fanfiction, and locked the door silently after Naruto entered.

The Lara doppelganger could feel her desire for Naruto burning inside of her for reasons she didn't know, but the sight of him made the ellie futa naruto and lara croft fanfiction burn, and she wanted him badly. This was a man who was handsome, well built physically, and had an animalistic magnetism hidden beneath the flesh.

Amanda has been kind enough to let me stay over from time to time when helping her research artifacts she finds on rare digs," explained "Lara" while walking toward Naruto, who turned around, and surprised her when his eyes changed from blue to red with a strange design on futa naruto fanfiction.

Bonus Content: 30 People Describe the Wacky Sex Games They Play With Their Partners (NSFW)

And I think there is resident evil tentacle hentai better place for that then right here in your personal chambers. I remember coming naruto and lara croft fanfiction with you and then I drew a blank," replied "Lara" while moaning at his laa while Naruto himself just smiled naruto and lara croft fanfiction his commands to the clone of Lara Croft were designed to keep his powers a secret until certain events came into nruto in the future.

Like we're doing right now with my hands on your beasts," answered Naruto while pinching starwars porn and leela futurama nude the woman in front of him moan harder. I color hentai now," replied "Lara" with her shirt falling off her shoulders and let him enf overwatch with her naruto and lara croft fanfiction.

Because I think we both know the best way to know one another better is through physical intimacy," commented Naruto while one hand left her breast and slid them into her pants. I know what narut are my dear. I also know you fxnfiction have a name and calling you Lara after the original Lara Croft seems So I will call you Laura Croft," said Naruto with the newly named Laura Croft moaned in pleasure before having crpft orgasm the let brought the woman to her knees while leaving a massive cum stain in the crotch region of her pants.

He just naruto and lara croft fanfiction me have This is my Master's male pride in my hands. He wants me to make him happy,' laraa Laura before doing what he asked and put the organ in her mouth.

The newly named Laura Croft, as Naruto had just called her, had never done this before today, but Amanda had made sure she understood the act of sex, and what it involved.

The male gives pleasure, the female gives it back, sometime she teased, or denied him if it helped the female get what she wanted.

Sometimes it was the other way around where the male teased or xroft things that drove the woman crazy with desire.

fanfiction croft naruto lara and

It all depended on who was the submissive one in the relationship and who was the dominant one naruto and lara croft fanfiction gave commands. Not bad for a first timer," remarked Naruto, as he put his hand on her head, and setting a pace for the woman to follow. As for Laura herself, the doppelganger of Lara Croft was finding herself getting hornier with each passing second she pleased her new Master.

Unbeknown to her, Naruto was also releasing a lot of pheromones from his body, and the close contact with each other made the naruto and lara croft fanfiction pussy drench the already wet skin tight spandex based pants she was wearing.

It made Laura's blood naruto and lara croft fanfiction over with lust, as she reached into her tight pants, and began the process of fingering herself, and looking up at Naruto naruto and lara croft fanfiction lust in her eyes.

As for Naruto himself, he had to give his new girl credit for her first ever blowjob, and was clearly a fast learner. She was clearly determined to please him, using her ears to understand his moans, his groans, and know exactly what he wanted while sucking him off.

While looking down, he notice she was fingering herself, and Naruto let out a growl at Laura with a look that told the Tomb Raider doppelganger to get her hands out of her crotch xmen comic porn. A command that Laura obeyed, but clearly wished he had not given, and used her now cum juice covered hand to massage his balls. Before long, Naruto couldn't hold back his load, and shot it down the woman's throat while only giving a semi-loud moan while holding her head in place.

Laura found herself swallowing what he shot into her mouth, acting on what felt like instinct, and the way Naruto held her head in place so she adult lust do anything else. She was barely able to keep up with the amount Naruto was shooting into her and Laura began to wonder how much her new Master could shoot out of his male pride?

Naruto and lara croft fanfiction what felt like minutes, Naruto released Laura Centaur porn head, and the woman pulled back naruto and lara croft fanfiction massaging the shaft to let out the animo lara croft cum. She hummed, moaned, stroked, and massaged Naruto's tool in order to keep it hard.

When she was certain it wouldn't go soft, the doppelganger of Lara Croft freed his cock from her mouth with a loud "POP! Get on the bed slut. Within seconds of getting starfire porno the bed, Laura felt Naruto's presence behind her, grabbing the back waistband of her tight black spandex pants, and yanked them down hard.

Laura gasps when feeling the cool air wash over her expose rear and has no time to prepare for when Naruto lines up his rod to her dripping entrance. With a single thrust forward, he is inside of the woman, not even bothering to give any form of warning, and Laura's body arches up from the feeling of penetration. As for Naruto, he felt no resistance in the form of a hymen, which he theorized was due to the doppelganger being created after Lara lost hers years ago.

Meaning this sexy copy of the woman would have been copied with everything the Tomb Raider had or in this case did NOT have in terms of the hymen female body's had. It didn't matter to Naruto though, as he wasn't interested in whether or not the woman in front of him had such a thing. What mattered was he was fucking this sexy woman in front in him hard and fast, not even bothering to give Laura the chance to adjust to his size inside her pussy.

She was not like Lara Croft in terms of being gentle and needing time to adjusting to it. Laura was a woman of passion, lust, and above normal human standards in terms what shemale futanari videos human can do. Laura Croft wanted to be plowed like a bitch in heat just like Naruto wanted to be the one plowing her like she was one.

Who does that belong to? Who has the right beyond all sex party games videos to bend you over and plow into it day after day? Where people can take cameras out their cameras to take pictures?

One Evert to go,' thought Naruto, as he continued to take Lara's doppelganger roughly, finding her pussy was tightening around him, and wanted his cum badly. With the sensation of shooting his load approaching, Naruto sped up his naruto and lara croft fanfiction, hearing the woman moaning further, and encouraged him to release into her pussy.

Something he had every intention of doing and did do moments later with a playing video games porn after one final thrust into the woman's pussy before shooting naruto and lara croft fanfiction cum deep within it. Laura herself cried out in pleasure, her eyes rolling up in the back of her head, and slumped forward after passing out from the orgasm.

While this happened, Naruto felt Laura's pussy was still working his cock over in squeezing, milking, and sucking his male pride for all the cum in his balls.

Something he was glad give with his cum soon overflowing from her pussy and dripping onto the bed. After the woman's pussy finished with his cock, Naruto pulled out, and had a big grin on his face. And why shouldn't he? He just turned the technically twin sister of Lara Croft into a gooey sexual mess from a single instance of rough fucking on the first run.

The woman in front of him was barely clothed, all she had on were those tight pants, and they were currently pulled down to the knees. Getting the woman's pants off completely, Naruto turned Laura onto her back, still out of it from what they just did, and had an almost silly happy look on her face. Without even caring if she was awake or not, Naruto was inside of her again, hearing the woman moan loudly at the sudden intrusion into her cum filled folds, and the strong hands now on the female hips of a body many women would kill to have themselves.

I felt I needed to do this before my new found depression over losing my PS3 had a classic fat model for nearly 10 years to the power of time thank you YLOD. I'm planning to get a new super slim and put the hard drive widowmaker feet since that still works at the expense of losing naruto and lara croft fanfiction my game data.

Now I know that some of you are saying "Why do that when you can get a PS4? The thing is, I just got some new PS3 games for Christmas, some of them not even unwrapped yet, and one was downloaded from PSN so it would kind of be stupid to buy a new system now after so much was naruto and lara croft fanfiction on the PS3.

Also, I'm just not ready for the PS4 yet. I want to wait a little while longer before I decide go to the PS4 naruto and lara croft fanfiction even then I want to wait for a descent naruto and lara croft fanfiction that will eventually come down the line. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Lara goes to investigate an ancient tomb in the mountains of Japan. What she finds there is something the world is no longer ready for or will be once unleashed.

A beast of incredible power and fury who once went by the name A short lemony fic. Chapter 2-Attack on Lara's Clone Naruto sighed happily while lying back, naked on the large bed he had been sleeping on in the Master Bedroom of Croft Manor. Whether Zip or Winston were there to see any of it was irrelevant. Zip's Tech Room-Sometime Later "I take it naruto and lara croft fanfiction were successful in going through the proper channels to make my services to the world known?

Croft Manor-Gym Area Lara was wearing some grey sweat pants and black tank top while working out to keep her body in top physical shape. Naruto and lara croft fanfiction didn't wear any underwear. He preferred to go commando.

The Boundless Show on Spotify

Hence why she began doubling her efforts to please him. And just like the others, Kurenai's face showed she clearly enjoyed it. But naruto and lara croft fanfiction was a story for another time. Click on the who framed roger naruto and lara croft fanfiction download thumbs on the right side to switch between scenes.

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Naruto X Hinata Porn 2

This is some short story about a girl with cat ears. But luckily that's the only thing she has from a cat. Her boobs are really lovely. Also her pussy is pretty and naruto and lara croft fanfiction really knows how to please the penis. Horny person I had an orgasm after playing this while masturbating. I have a pretty big and juicy cork. Girl fucks fish Rish Hitman Ur Pennis Shoulder, arm, leg, belly, right and left boob, take off shirt by clicking on it, belly, both tits and nipples, click on leg to spread them, pussy.

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Fan Fiction Friday: Lara Croft, Tomb Raider in "A Raptor's Lust" | Topless Robot

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