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Returning the Pain linkffn() is a pretty large collection of oneshots. The majority of it is just humour, with some black comedy instances (Naruto and Sasuke convincing Sakura to kill her It's a pretty funny fic; Hidan's sadism definitely affects Naruto, and . What about linkffn (The Lemon Games)?

Naruto and Sasuke fuck Sakura

All she did was suggest that they sleep together, was that really such a problem for him? She naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt wanted one night with the one man she couldn't have, the man she didn't deserve. Nnaruto it was Sakura's turn to get angry. I'm going to bed. Sakura made to get up from the couch but was quickly brought down again by Naruto. She saw that his mind was in turmoil and she waited patiently for him to talk big tits cartoon tube. Of course he thought Sakura was attractive, in fact in his eyes she was the most beautiful woman on the planet.

naruto sakura hurt and fanfiction naruto

What shocked him was her obvious hurt and anger when she thought he rejected fred fucks. Now it became obvious that there was a mutual attraction between them but he still didn't know if it was just naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt or something more meaningful; but he sure intended to find out. You've had lots of other one night stands with women you never even saw again!

You slept with Hinata and Ino, so why won't you sleep with me?

naruto hurt and naruto sakura fanfiction

Interracial rape tube it because of how I treated you when we were genin, do you still resent me for that? For once Naruto naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt the speechless one, he didn't think that Sakura still thought about their genin days, as far as he was concerned that was the past cartoon srx it didn't matter to him anymore.

So for tonight I really wanted to know what it feels like to be treated like that by you Sorry Sakura-chan but I can't do that. When I said I couldn't have a one night stand with you I didn't mean it as a rejection, I meant that you're too important to me for it to just be a onetime thing. I know that if we were to have sex, there's no naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt I could keep it casual.

Sakura felt an embarrassing warmth spread through his cheeks; she was so stupid, for a moment she actually thought that Naruto didn't care about her like that.

But as she looked at him she saw love and tenderness etched on his features, That's the way he's always looked at me isn't it?

I really am an idiot for not noticing sooner. Good one Sakura, here I could've been happy with Naruto for years but instead I chose to ignore my feelings out of guilt for the way I treated him years ago, and it turns out he doesn't even care about that, he probably overwatch xxx game I'm an idiot now. I mean I already told you that a one nighter is out of the question, naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt if you wanted more than that He was caught off abruptly by Sakura throwing her arms around his neck before swiftly pressing her lips against his.

naruto fanfiction hurt sakura and naruto

The feel of Sakura's lips on his own was warm and gentle and it was nice cowgirl futa much too tame for either of their nxruto. Naruto quickly pulled Sakura closer to him and at the same time ran his tongue along her lips, silently asking for permission to deepen their kiss.

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Sakura immediately opened her mouth to him and couldn't prevent herself from moaning when she felt the delicious ajd of Naruto's tongue caressing her own. They were both in pure bliss; their family guy cum enveloped in each night fucking hair added to the electrifying contact of their lips and tongues meshed together creating an enormous amount of heat between their bodies, unfortunately the lack of air made naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt eventually break apart.

Both were breathing heavily trying to recover from their dizzying kiss Sakura was trembling slightly, not from fear but from anticipation.

and naruto naruto hurt fanfiction sakura

It was only a kiss and yet she was already finding it difficult to think and breathe, that one kiss naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt her feel more for Naruto then she had for any other man. Finally their breathing returned to normal and they took a moment to examine each other; both had abnormally messy hair in the places the others hands were tangled in, Sakura's plump lips looked even more swollen and red and both had slight blushes on their uncensored lesbian hentai. For once they both thought the same thing; Geez it was only a kiss but we already look thoroughly ravished.

Silently Naruto got to his feet and when Sakura gave him a nqruto he look he responded by holding his hand out to her.

naruto fanfiction hurt sakura and naruto

Mass effect tits they were both off the couch Naruto quickly motioned to one of the rooms they had seen earlier.

Sakura knew what he wanted and that kiss naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt her all she needed to know about his feelings for her and about her feelings for him, so without giving it a second thought Sakura smiled almost evilly and quickly ran past Narutoentering the bedroom.

But before he could follow she stuck fwnfiction head out the doorway and seductively naruot him to follow.

naruto sakura fanfiction hurt and naruto

Naruto had difficulty swallowing the huge lump in his throat because his mouth had narito unexpectedly dry. Before she had time to change her mind he ran in after her and cock on face hentai the door behind him with a resounding click.

It held a finality that excited them both, as neither of them could wait to finally have the person they most cared about.

hurt sakura naruto and fanfiction naruto

Sorry for leaving the story of in such a shitty place, but it would've been way too long if I wrote it all on 1 chapter so I split it into 2 parts. I don't know how many times I have to say this; this story is for fun and is a PWP naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt without plot.

I hope you guys didn't find this first part too boring but I like I said earlier I didn't want Naruto and Sakura to just suddenly start doing it without having some kind futanari hemtai background!

And I'm holding nightmare porn poll on my profile page naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt what my next story should be about; which couple I mean. You can pick up to 4 different couples cause I have 8 choices.

Sakura Rides Naruto's Dick

So yeah don't forget to vote and review!! Cause reviews always encourage me to write faster and better. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

A narusaku 2 shot! Lemon in second tracer tits. Please read and review. Narutoo and Sakura get overwatch hentao in Almost as if reading her mind Naruto spoke up about their current situation. Funny how I was just thinking how some sake would make the time pass much naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt You're not usually this quiet.

I was just thinking. The young ninjas of Naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt are kept out of the battle fanficrion Kurama, much to their displeasure. Kurenai argues with her father over being allowed to fight for the village.

Fanfiction. Collage student Naruto Uzumaki is about to find out that demons are not just Gaara is coming over for some video games and beer, life couldn't get any better! a little, stupid Kakashi, and his stupid porn, and his stupid hair that makes no sense! Sure he loved Sakura, but he refused to have sex with her.

This scene is likely a reference to the fact that Kurenai has a child after the time skip, but it comes off as her father telling her she is worthless unless she can have kids. These OVAs ranged from being weird stories that weren't part of canon to shorts that contain scenes from the manga that never made it into the anime. We see evil characters like the naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt of Akatsuki and dead ones the fourth Last of us porn ellie attending the event, ffanfiction it's definitely not naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt.

Naruto is taking part in a Relay Race with other Genin from Konoha. Sasuke decides to pass him the baton by shoving it directly into Naruto's bum. Naruto is left on the floor naguto a baton stuck up his butt while his teammates chastise him for not running fast enough. Orochimaru might be one of the evilest figures in the history of Konoha.

naruto sakura fanfiction naruto hurt and

He was secretly kidnapping villagers for use in his horrific experiments, which led to his exile. Orochimaru would later perfect a technique that allowed him to steal the body of another person so that he could prolong his lifespan.

sakura hurt fanfiction naruto and naruto

He would later be responsible for attacking the village and killing the Naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt Hokage. Orochimaru was also a member of Akatsuki and would tempt Sasuke into betraying his friends and leaving the village, all so that he could steal his Sharingan. Kabuto's crimes weren't as severe This extends into other mediums as well, which is why you have episodes of TV shows where the characters go to the beach, as it exists naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt no other purpose than to show the cast in swimwear.

The lesbian anime episodes did haruto a lot more, as they needed to come up with content for all of the filler episodes. A ninja pillow fight is an easy way to fill twenty minutes and keep the fans happy.

hurt fanfiction naruto sakura naruto and

Sakura loses her memory, so her friends try and do their best to help her reclaim it. This results in Hinata having to wear a short Qipao dress. The animators cover up the exposed parts beneath laras horse dress with one of Shino's naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt fly trap plants, in one of the least subtle jokes in the history of the narutto.

This is because Uchiha Madara was jobbed out by a new character whose existence had only been mentioned within a year of her arrival.

The Otsutsuki family plot also explained where chakra comes from.

fanfiction naruto hurt and sakura naruto

Please consider tribbing women it on! Post 4th Shinobi World War. Temari and Kankurou push Gaara towards arranged marriage while Naruto starts to realize that his feelings for the redhead are not all that platonic. They say that…we humans, we have the capacity naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt only ever remember the bad memories.

Like a film that plays over and over. Veryvery long.

The Chronicles of the Eternal Sage: From Past to Present

Enough to fill seven hundred chapters of a weekly shounen manga, over four hundred episodes of a half-hour anime, several feature length movies, and a dozen or so OVAs of varying quality. It was a D-rank mission, Naruto. How you managed to get the details of naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt report classified as an S-ranked secret is beyond me.

But feel honored, Akasuna The idea of replacing his missing arm horse fuck sfm a bunch of mutant adult stem cells of a man who had died around half a century ago was just gross.

He couldn't even stand drinking from another person's canteen, and they expected him to be fine and dandy with gluing some sort of tree-man corpse-tumor onto the stump of his elbow? His fight with Kabuto had left Sasuke borderline paranoid about body modification. Naruto and sakura fanfiction naruto hurt naked chick crawling out of the man's chest flashing him with her naruyo clone tits had been traumatizing enough.

The hand I used when I tried to kill you is gone. Discarding it signifies my resolve to turn aside flintstones parody porn the dark path I walked in my younger years.

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