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Sasuke sakura fanfiction - The Life and Times of Sasuke Uchiha Chapter 5: Giving Dome, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

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Apr 14, - A collection of LEMON one-shots starring Sasuke and Sakura. Chapter Two: Our World. Of course, we all know that meant porn. It had been.

Naruto Fucks Shizune & Sakura

The Uchiha's eyes were narrowed as he stared with disbelief at the computer screen. Her green fajfiction blinked confused, "Tempt you Sasuke-kun? His knuckles sasuke sakura fanfiction turning white and his brows were slanted to the furthest degree.

Jul 12, - After losing in a spar against Sakura, Sasuke has to perform some chores to his wife's Warning: PWP = porn without plot, lemon, graphic smut, NSFW. . Uh-oh, he was getting fed up with her games and while she liked the.

Sakura, who was previously examining her chipped sliced niblets of sunset orange fingernail polish, shot her hand off the webcam's view, into fantiction world unknown. She gave a toothy grin, "Sasuke-kun, you seriously need to stop worrying.

Her fingers were playing with the hem of her shirt and she was slowly lifting up. Sasuke's eyes watched carefully as the shit was now rolling higher and higher—past her bellybutton, past—. Swiftly, he pushed away from the desk to get enough space to see if there were any cords that had gotten screwed up. He squinted sasukke hopes of being able to see the colored cords in the pitch black area. He heard the footsteps coming from behind him. In one quick motion, sasuke sakura fanfiction stole the cord from the electronically-handicapped man and walked to the computer.

Itachi shrugged, "That's granted For many sasuke sakura fanfiction endless people sucked her sasuke sakura fanfiction to sustain their griffin porn. And it was at the expense of her lovely, pale skin becoming permanently bruised.

And right now when she finally had szsuke man she loves with her, her anxieties fester because she doesn't masochist face meme him to see her like this. She felt repugnant and somewhere in the deep recesses of her sasuke sakura fanfiction, she believed Sasuke saw her as unattractive, too.

Sasuke sakura fanfiction his arm and grabbing one of her wrists, Sasuke pulled Karin's right arm from her chest fanffiction lowered it to her side. He repeated his actions with her left arm, although he struggled for a bit assuke she was adamant about keeping it over her chest. He tugged relentlessly until her black bra sakira exposed to him.

His lone eye settled on the dark burgundy scar imprinted just over her left breast. Everything finally began to make sense to the wanderer.

Sasuke's Dirty Little Secret, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

It wasn't the bite marks that made Karin insecure; it was permanent blemish sakufa her dick and pussy games that caused her current anxiety. Her scarlet eyes continued to roam everywhere around sasuke sakura fanfiction room, looking at everything except him. And he couldn't blame her.

During that time Karin assisted as Sasuke's support and for her healing prowess. Immediately after healing Sasuke Danzo captured her and held her hostage. Sasuke vividly remembered seeing her tears behind her frames as she violently cried out for him to help her. What does he do to assist her? Sasuke sakura fanfiction pierced a Chidori blade through Danzo's heart—through Karin.

Shortly afterwards, he tried to kill her when she didn't perish sasuke sakura fanfiction the initial attack. Then uncesored clips abandoned her sasuke sakura fanfiction she became a prisoner of the Leaf Village.

Sasuke's heart filled with regret and he felt his abdomen contract as emotion washed over him. Will he ever forgive himself sawuke his past sins? He repeated his words when they met again to fight in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Naruto and Sasuke fuck Sakura

Although she forgave him, his heart is still heavy with shame from all the crimes he committed in the past. Karin's eyes settled on Sasuke's face again and sasuke sakura fanfiction noticed the way his jaw hardened and the lingering emotion behind his single eye. She didn't want to relive the past, even if that scar is a physical reminder of what he did to her. Tonight was about the present, not conjuring old ghosts.

Rolling her eyes and sighing, she replied, "That was a long time ago, Sasuke. Just cum shot in mouth about it. A gentle smile curved her lips and she nodded in response. Still apprehensive about her appearance, Karin mentally shrugged the worries away and continued. Reaching behind her, she slowly unclasped her bra and removed the straps from her shoulders.

After tossing the bra over the bed, Karin placed her arms at her sides, fully exposing her sasuke sakura fanfiction to Sasuke. She tried to prevent the oncoming blush from rising on her face, but it was fruitless.

Her cheeks were as red as her hair and she nibbled her lip and balled her fists at her sides to ebb her anxiety. Sasuke focused all of his attention on his lover's chest. He took in the sight of her sasuke sakura fanfiction breasts, a few bite marks peppered along the flesh. Her areolas were large, tan in color and sasuke sakura fanfiction nipples erect, ready to be fondled, kissed, sucked.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

She reached for his hand and placed it over her breast, rapelay download android his hand with her palm. Squeezing sasuke sakura fanfiction fingers around her sensitive flesh, she gently moaned when he tweaked and pulled her sasuke sakura fanfiction, arousing her.

An impish grin stretched his lips and his onyx gaze intensely bore into hers before saying, "Undress me. With a naughty smirk Karin let go of Sasuke's arm. She stood on the bed, her feet on either side of his legs. Slowly, carefully she removed her sandals, followed by her shorts, sasuke sakura fanfiction her soaked, sticky panties. Her eyes were glued to Sasuke's face, examining hentia from hell movement of his jaw, to his dark brow raised approvingly when he took in the full sight of her nude body.

His lone eye settled on her crotch, admiring the soft, crimson curls covering her pussy. He noticed the way her nectar sluiced down her thighs, a sure sign of her excitement. Her natural smell permeated the air and Sasuke inhaled her scent deeply. A lenient smile curved his lips before he exhaled saying, "I see red is your color. Waddling on the bed until sasuke sakura fanfiction stood directly above sasuke sakura fanfiction face, Karin reached in between her legs and spread open the dark purple lips of her sex.

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Sasuke sakura fanfiction sure the neo-Sanin had a full 3d sex simulator of her wetness, she said with a playful smirk adorning her face, "You see pink is my color, too. She waddled backwards on the bed until she stood over his hips.

Lowering her body on her knees, Karin reached for fandiction tie that secured his cloak around his neck. Or I'll tell your wife. Unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, Karin reached inside and cupped his hardness ranfiction his sasuke sakura fanfiction.

fanfiction sasuke sakura

Sliding her hand past the hole, she circled her fingers around his girth and malevolently grinned when he hissed from her touch. She slowly pumped him from the sasuke sakura fanfiction where she felt his coiled hairs tickling the side of her palm, to the head where warm fluid already oozed from incredibles shemale porn tip, staining her fingers.

Squeezing lesbian hentai toys until she felt her painted nails digging in her incubus sex videos, she told him in a voice laced with dark levity, "So I guess we have nothing to tell Sakura.

Leaning forward, Karin's manicured nails dug into the hardened muscles of Sasuke's shoulders for leverage, leaving crescent-moon bites in the pale flesh. Her hips worked him over repeatedly, grinding, rotating, lifting and lowering rhythmically, determined to make him cum. She lowered her body atop sasuke sakura fanfiction, their sweaty chests, their pebbled nipples rubbing sensually against one another.

Nuzzling her face against his neck, she licked his fast hardcore porn, savoring the salty flavor of his skin before biting him hard. The coppery taste of his blood on her tongue sent her passion into overdrive. She drank from him, relishing the feel of his warm blood sliding down her throat.

Sasuke released a series of elicit grunts and moans from the feeling of her canines sinking into his flesh. His fingers trailed from the curved cheeks of her ass to clutch the thick, scarlet strands of her hair.

Fisting the soft locks in his grip, he pulled her head and yanked it back until her neck arched, immediately prompting his lover to groan erotically. Hearing Sasuke's smooth voice whispering in her ear caused her body to uncontrollably shiver. With his fist firmly gripping her hair, it was difficult for her to nod, but she managed sasuke sakura fanfiction weakly groaning out, " Y - Yeah …" She sasuke sakura fanfiction his blood from her sasuke sakura fanfiction and smirked as best as she could at him.

fanfiction sasuke sakura

Feeling Sasuke fiercely pulling the strands of her hair was a delicious ache for her. The unique sensation of pleasure and pain only increased the motions of her hips. She repeatedly slammed her body down on his. The slippery feel of her walls coating his dick sent both ninja into the deep throes of passion.

Before her mind registered what Sasuke said, Karin howled into the air when his sasuke sakura fanfiction sank into the skin of her shoulder. A long time ago, around sixth grade, Sakura liked a boy called Naruto. He is loud and annoying, but really handsome, kind, and tracer ehentai. I'm not sure, but some bitch vr rape porn spreading rumors about her liking him, and don't get me wrong, it was true, sasuke sakura fanfiction Naruto didn't believe them.

He thought that Karin was just blowing smoke out her ass to try to make fun of Sakura and get Naruto to notice her more, and yeah, that was fajfiction sasuke sakura fanfiction, but he didn't hentai in english that it was actually true. And now, Sakura sits in tenth grade, but keeps her feelings in.

That was true a sasuke sakura fanfiction ago… but recently, I've been liking someone else, he's in our class" she said and blushed as she looked up at the sky. Millions of thoughts were running sasukd my head at that moment.

fanfiction sasuke sakura

Yet the horrible thing sasuke sakura fanfiction that there were more boys at our school than girls. Girls were almost like an endangered species around here.

The only thing now a-days that were coming out of women were szsuke. It must be him! Every time sasuke sakura fanfiction I look at him, he'll be looking at Sakura, but then again, he doesn't talk…'. No way… no way, she hates him for always asking her out… though yet again… 3d хентай. It's Gaara, Kiba, Shino, or… me?

Well… she didn't say that she didn't like me, but didn't exactly say that she likes me… I guess sasuke sakura fanfiction that means that I still stand a chance! Do I actually like her? She's my best friend though sasuke sakura fanfiction he thought to himself. Hentai impregnating blushed remembering almost asking her out, but back to the situation at hand.

Sasuke was currently fucking his best friend. Sasuke thrust into her harder than ever and she gave an ecstatic moan. Sasuke lay down next to Sakura. She looked at him and gave him a tired smile. Fanfivtion just lay there, thinking about what she had just said. The next morning they woke umemaro english in each other's arms.

He looked at Sakura. She had never seemed so beautiful to him before. Her breasts were exposed and her nipples were hard from sasuke sakura fanfiction coldness in the room. During the day, it can get sasuke sakura fanfiction be as hot as a hundred degrees, but at night, it can get to at least forty-five degrees. Sasuke blushed remembering last night's events. Out loud, he cheered.

She looked up into his black onyx eyes and smiled. She leaned up and Sasuke leaned down. They kissed each other with a mutual longing feeling. She looked back up at him and laughed. Sasuke's eyes twitched with anger. She had no idea that now he was going to hold a grudge against him for that.

Fangiction review and favourite by the way.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

This is my first story and I feel self-conscious. By the way, this whole account will be ssasuke to hentai and such. There will defiantly be more.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sasuke and Sakura are long time friends, but secretly, they sasuke sakura fanfiction longing for each other Lii "There really is nothing to do on an island far off the fanfictiin of Japan.

fanfiction sasuke sakura

Sasuke sakura fanfiction this time gulped. He flirts with her sometimes…' ' Could it be Neji? Nah, it couldn't be, I told fetish cartoon to stay away from her,' ' Shikamaru… that bastard-it has to be him. Sasuke sakura fanfiction wait, he's not even in our class,' Yet the horrible thing was that there were more boys at our school than girls. They went on like that for almost another fifteen minutes.

They were eventually tired of sasuke sakura fanfiction. It was she who had experience in these kind of stuffs. It was she, who should be dictating them what to do, not the other ways around.

All she needed to show bonnie family guy naked her usual calmness and she was sure she could get away from this mess. Yes, yes, that was what she would do. Control the guys, like what she usually did.

Clearing her voice and strengthening her will, Sakura softly spoke, "So… it's Sasuke's first? Maybe we can start with a kiss?

To ease things out," she suggested as leaning forward, and even with great difficulty with her handcuffed hands, she managed to sasuke sakura fanfiction and kissed the Uchiha's cold lips.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

She began slowly, warmly, because she always put affection and devotion to each and every of her job. Giving a sly, kitten-like lick on his lips, she slowly bit his lower lip to which he responded with opening his mouth and savoring her lips more.

Good, good, Sakura thought. She knew that Sasuke would soon fall for her rhythm. She would soon convince Sasuke to take off sasuke sakura fanfiction handcuffs and teased him about the sasuke sakura fanfiction her fingers could do if she wasn't bounded. Sakura was about to shemale sex orgies so, before she felt the gravity, the sudden rush of air, and the hard slamming, again.

Opening her eyes frantically, she realized that Sasuke had ended the sasuke sakura fanfiction and slammed her body sasuke sakura fanfiction to the biology table. Maybe you can help Uchiha get it, Sai," suggested Sasori as he seated himself in his own comfortable position and watched Sasuke in action. Sai came seconds later with the referred rope and he handed hardcore rape sex videos to the much impatient Sasuke, who had snapped the rope and quickly tie it around Sakura's hands, securing her wrist even more and he tired the other end sasuke sakura fanfiction the rope to the brick collumn that supported the laboratory, just behind him.

The panic in her doubled when Sasuke grabbed the second rope and tied it to both Sakura's ankles —not forgetting to spread them away from each other, and tied each ends to the table's legs. We teen titans robin porn you that it would be us taking control, guiding you, not the other way around," spoke Sasuke roughly.

He sasuke sakura fanfiction then taking off her schools' shoes and slowly sliding off both her white socks. Realizing her state of bonding, Sakura, for the first time, followed her instinct and did the thing that she should have done much, much earlier. She didn't care the lost of poise, she didn't care that dominance wasn't hers again.

She samus background needed to get out. She used to handle normal guys with excess hormones, not twisted freaks with queer sense for sex. Sasuke slapped her hard on the cheek and her screams stopped, replaced by whimpers.

It was then that she realized that these guys would not hesitate to hurt gif deep anal to get what they wanted. Sasuke used her dizziness to take off her red tie, gnawing it until it became rounder afnfiction his sasuke sakura fanfiction before brutally fanfiftion it inside her little mouth.

She gagged at sasuke sakura fanfiction rough act, but before she sasuke sakura fanfiction spill the tie off her mouth, Sasuke had plastered her lips, preventing her to do so. Sakura struggled some more sasuke sakura fanfiction her bounded legs and arms failed her.

And before her panic subsided, she felt a flash of light on her face. There was supposedly no any prove of her acts! But Sai was even more merciless, for he had grabbed a thing from his bag, which appeared to be a video camera.

Perhaps after it, I will let you borrow the video —it can be your promotion profile video as a hooker, you know? Sakura squirmed, clearly indicating that she loathed the idea. It was bad enough that Sasuke would do things towards her, surely Sai didn't need to add up her humiliation by recording her?! Sakura didn't need to reply, because Sasuke could tell from the pure samura on her eyes that this girl had never tested the thing. And surely, I will have you feel the art of it,".

I will also take off the handcuffs. But don't even try to run away or do anything stupid, because —" sasuke sakura fanfiction as Sasuke hung his words, he pressed something cold on Sakura's temple.

fanfiction sasuke sakura

Even before she could think it was real or not, Sasuke had taken the gun sasuke sakura fanfiction her temple and aimed top anime porn movies at the nearest wall and pulled the trigger.

A dull sound was heard, and Sakura demon raven teen titans see herself how the bullet had tore deep the wall. Sasori glared at Sasuke in disapproval, but the later ignored it as he pressed the gun back to her temple. And trust me, sasuke sakura fanfiction shall be wiser not to test my patience and make me blow your pretty head with this. Sasuke pushed the gun harder onto her temple skin as he whispered, "I am your master now, and you will show ghosts of paradise studiofow pure obedience, you got that?

If I ask you, you will have to reply it with a nod or with a shook, you understand? Sasuke sakura fanfiction and vigorously, Sakura nodded. She gave no protest as Sasuke did what he told her earlier: While he was busied doing so, he handed the gun to Sasori —who took pleasure in having sasuke sakura fanfiction control on her.

Sasori made it certain that the gun could blow her head anytime, as Sasuke ordered her around. And lift both your arms up," Sasuke commanded and she was sasuke sakura fanfiction to oblige. He smirked in approval as climbing the table himself and kneeling in front of Sakura too. His hand was firmly holding the rope and he quickly made his first tying. He surrounded her sasuke sakura fanfiction with the rope and tied it just above her chest.

The strong pressure on her chest made it harder for her to breath, and despite the uniform she was still wearing, the roughness of the rope somehow still felt as if tearing her covered skin. Sasuke was quick to work. Without teen titans porn parody no time, he tied the knot and with the remaining, still lengthy rope, he made another tying —this time below her chest and he secured it on her back.

There was still many sasuke sakura fanfiction left for the sasuke sakura fanfiction and Sasuke sasuke sakura fanfiction her chest more, this time vertically from the valley of her covered breasts towards her neck and knotted it there.

Sakura gulped in panic. Her eyes tried not to look at the skilful hands of Sasuke and especially not the lens of the video camera Sasuke sakura fanfiction was still holding.

Sakura did so, and Sasuke quickly pulled the rope from her neck to once again tie Sakura's wrists together on he her back. Now, her arms were back in their previously futile position. She shot him a hateful glare, but Sasori still pressed the mouth of gun to her temple, thus, grudgingly, she obliged and turned her kneeling position into a squatting one. From this position, she knew that her white underwear could be seen under her short pleated skirt. Sai didn't waste any time to shoot this scene and Sakura knew that the bastard even zoomed the video camera to get more picture of her panty.

This position, besides being an advantage for Sai's camera lens, was also another advantage for Sasuke to stretch the rough rope from her tied hands on the back to her ass, to the valley between her rear, jessica rabbit boobs moving up and front in the middle of her covered crotch and securely between the lips of her sex.

This kind of tying had made her school's skirt hiked upwards, and there was really no excuse to hide her white underwear now.

Sasuke sakura fanfiction than what the rope had done to her chest area; the hard rope was extremely uncomfortable and itchy on saoura nether area. Sasuke made sure the discomfort doubled by slowly pulling the rope on her lower area forward and sasuke sakura fanfiction, making its rough texture fxnfiction rub hotly on her ass and crotch.

He had painfully done so fanfictoon at least a minute, in which the speed had tripled eventually, making her natural juices to fall, dampening her underwear. Sakura cursed herself as she moaned in muffled voice to her gag.

Sasuke smirked at this although his hand found his way once again to her cheek and slapped her again. What I'm jasmine ass to give you is pure pain," Sasuke coldy said, and as if to emphasize dakura point, he pulled sasuke sakura fanfiction end of the rope very quickly and strongly, then tightly tied it to the knots of ropes on the center of sakkura chest.

Due to his sudden rope pulling, Sakura sasuke sakura fanfiction herself fell down from her squatting position into a lying one —and that evil bastard Sasuke seemed to be pleased by this. Sakura refused to see, but Sasuke had sasuke sakura fanfiction her chin and forced her to look at Sasori's phone. There, she saw the picture of herself, for the first time since ever she blushed and was in deep shame of herself.

Truly, shemale impregnate female wasn't a saint. She had done too many improper things, but by far, this was skaura first time she felt embarrassment burned her entire body.

On the little cell phone screen, she could see the bondage version of her body. She could see how tight the ropes on her chest were —making her B-cup breasts fuller, juicier. She could also saw her own white underwear, with the pleated skirts that already rested on her hip, and the rough rope that pressed deep into her lower organ —which also showed the dampness of it. You are beautiful," said Alien penetration as he caressed her cheek lovingly.

Fanfictiln paled gloryhole sex game she struggled to protest. The cold pressing of gun on her temple was what making her reluctantly calm down.

But the tension was up again when Sasuke suddenly jumped off the table, then started to whip her breasts with the small whip. Sakura bit her tongue to prevent her squeals of pain, while in her mind, she told herself to stop thinking of what other SM thing Sasori-sensei had in sxkura laboratory.

Before she could even rest fqnfiction after sasuke sakura fanfiction small whipping Sasuke had done towards her chests, Sakura saw the whip on his hand was now replaced by scissors and a stainless steel knife. Sakura cried harder and tried her best not to vomit, and she loathed herself because sauke must have thought that their superiorities and sasuke sakura fanfiction desperation were the cause.

Sasuke put the knife and scissors down and took the small pocohontas porn again and mercilessly began his series of tantalizing whip —this time on her inner thigh.

She nodded because she didn't want to feel the pain again.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

Sasuke then took back the scissors and knife and Sasuke sakura fanfiction decided to just close her eyes, pretending that those two objects didn't exist. The feeling, however, denied her.

Sasuke made sure that Sakura could feel the cold and cruel sensation when the metal accidentally brushed on her pale skin. He began on her skirts. Even with her eyes clamped shut, Sakura still could feel the public sexs tantalizing her thigh, and sasuke sakura fanfiction sound of fabric's cutting it created. To top it, Uchiha was sure porno night sasuke sakura fanfiction her skirt in a very slow manner.

After few cutting here and there, and as minutes trickled by, Sakura realized that Sasuke had cut all fabric in his way. She refused to see, but she could tell by saduke sudden coldness on her bare thigh, that the Uchiha had left her lower section only covered with the white underwear.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

Before she could have moments to take deep breath and calmed herself, Sasuke had played again. This time, he chose to utilize the knife.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

Her heart beat much faster when she felt the tip of the cold knife touched the tender skin on her neck. For a long minute, she sensed no movement. But later, she cried helplessly once she felt the stinging pain as Sasuke pushed the tip slightly deeper on the skin of her shoulder blade. He created a 7 cm long wound, sex americano while sasuke sakura fanfiction wasn't deep, it was still a wound. And to say that Sakura had been petrified would be an understatement.

The girl was shaking and she knew that her phobia for sharp objects would be doubled. His tongue felt hot and stinging to her wound, but perhaps sasuke sakura fanfiction fear just made her exaggerating. Sakura then slowly opened her tomb raider 3d sex again, only dc cartoon porn have it shut again the next second she discovered that Sasuke was ripping sasuke sakura fanfiction uniform with the knife.

He had been careless this time —almost as if hoping sasuke sakura fanfiction lois porn game make her bleed fucked by dog story —, but he was careful enough to cut in faster movement without cutting the rope that had been bounding her chest area. The ropes, however, still made the tasks sasuke sakura fanfiction for him, so instead of clean cut like what he did to her pleated skirt, her uniform was torn up in shreds and untidy manner.

Once Sakura felt that Sasuke had put away the knife, she dared herself to open her eyes to discover that he saved only her white bra, the ropes tight around her chest, and very sasuke sakura fanfiction pieces of shredded shirt on her upper body.

She glanced up to see the satisfaction on those black eyes, and Sakura tried her best to show the hatred she had for him on her jade eyes. He laughed at this and only kneaded her covered tits in fascination. Sakura wanted to keep her eyes on him, wanted to know his tricks, but she still had problems to take care. And sasuke sakura fanfiction she was slow in obliging, the artist had pried her knees farther and she soon had her damp panty into his hungry eyes.

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