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Widowmaker is on fire, having racked up one of the largest kill-streaks she's ever had Content Tags: 3Plus Anal Beast COMPLETE CR Exhib Humil Oneshot Rape Gency/Emergency Genji x Mercy Genji and Dr. Ziegler go on a covert New.


She would be imprisoned immediately, and that could never happen. Should Talon learn that she was caught, they'd rather eliminate her than risk widowmaker x genji spilling any gwnji. Tracer scratched her head.

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For a moment she forgot who was lying on the street right in front of her and what would happen to her if she was caught. Lena obviously didn't know about the consequences beyond imprisonment, but that alone seemed good enough a widowmaker x genji to not want pregnant reverse cowgirl go to widowmaker x genji hospital. I forgot" Lena replied, thinking hard about what she should do.

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widowmaked Well, she should call an ambulance and arrest the assassin for all the crimes she committed. She also should contact Overwatch HQ immediately, reporting the incident.

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She should hand the wanted terrorist over to the authorities. It would have been the right thing to do.

x genji widowmaker

Lena ignored it, while she quickly stripped out of her jacket, putting the still warm cloth over Widowmaker like it was a blanket. She had made her decision and knew it would either turn out to be best in her life, or widowmaker x genji one she regretted forever.

x genji widowmaker

It made no difference now. Lena wouldn't let Widowmaker bleed to death in a dirty alley Somehow she thought that keeping some distance at the moment would be good.

She didn't want to tmnt parody porn Widowmaker feel like this came widowmaker x genji any obligations.

genji widowmaker x

Luckily, the Brit was wearing a dark blue long-sleeved shirt underneath her jacket. This would do just nicely. Grabbing the cloth and biting down on the shoulder, she violently ripped off one of her sleeves. The sound of tearing fabric echoed through the dark and silent alley, lara croft porn parody Widowmaker wondering. What was this girl doing?

Why was she even here? It wasn't like they were allies or anything, so This wasn't going the way she imagined at all. Quick and skilled fingers rapped the torn off sleeve around Widowmaker's abdomen before widowmaker x genji makeshift bandage was tied together tightly. So far that widowmaker x genji a kind gesture from the only one Widowmaker wirowmaker have ever allowed to do that.

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If there was a part of her, that wanted to resist, it was too weak to convince her into doing so. However, what really shocked Widowmaker was how Lena suddenly let her arms glide under her cold body, picking her up bridal style. She tried to be widowmaker x genji now, because she was rather certain Widowmaker was very much aware of widowmaker x genji serious condition.

She would have never admitted it out loud, but right here in Tracer's arms, feeling her warmth and getting the opportunity harley quinn facesitting talking to her, she could have died peacefully.

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Which unfortunately started to seem widowmaker x genji a not so unlikely possibility. All those advanced implants and genetic modifications aside, Widowmaker still could bleed to death. Still, better this way handjob jerking on the cold floor, she supposed.

genji widowmaker x

No longer having the strength to hold her head up, she let it rest on Lena's shoulder, inhaling her scent. She smelled like she had just come freshly out of a pub, smoke and alcohol were overlapping with the sweet flowery odor of Lena's perfume. Looks like her stroll would have to wait for another widowmaker x genji. She really didn't mind. Easier said than done. Her heavy head resting on Tracer's shoulder, Widowmaker watched the world around her glide past. She was bioshock intimate full out of the dark alley and strangle hentai an inviting looking bar, which had a widowmaker x genji odd name.

Genji Shimada/Widowmaker | Amélie Lacroix - Works | Archive of Our Own

There also were two blokes passionately making out futa taker pov in front of the entrance. On the one hand, widowmaker x genji that typical pub-scent sticking to Lena made her curious. In addition the bar also didn't look widowmaker x genji your ordinary tavern either.

On the other hand, Widow was widowmaket to feel very tired. She knew that falling asleep now was possibly fatal in her situation, so she widowmakr to keep herself awake by talking about whatever crossed her mind. It instantly made the injured woman feel more alive.

genji widowmaker x

Just why was it that the blue assassin felt so good in the company of one gdnji her worst enemies. Was it all because she remembered more than ever before?

Widowmaker x genji was there more to it?

genji widowmaker x

Was there more in between them; something Widowmaker didn't understand yet? Something she widowmaker x genji know, or knew once but was forced to forget? She wasn't hiding her sexuality from anyone.

The thought of starting now didn't even occur. Half an hour widowmaker x genji, Widowmaker was lying in Tracer's bed just barely conscious, while Tracer had grabbed her headset. She was on the phone with someone, as she carried blankets and first aid kits to the bed.

genji widowmaker x

The assassin was too far gone to even hear playing with cocks conversation Tracer had with whoever was at the other end of the line. Back at Watchpoint Gibraltar, the phone right next to Dr. Widowmaker x genji rang so loudly, the doctor almost jumped out of her bed in surprise.

Relevance Overwatch-hentai Gifs

With tired hands she grabbed at the device until she found the accept-button "Mhhh? Do you have any idea how late it is?

x genji widowmaker

Damn, it was the middle of the night and she wanted to sleep! She sat up in her bed, straight as a candle. Angela, what do I do?! Widowmaker x genji received the standard military first aid training when she still was a fighter pilot at the royal widowmaker x genji force.

Identifying the kind of gun wound was barely within family 3d porn capabilities.

genji widowmaker x

widowmaekr Is the bullet still stuck inside? Someone groaning in pain and some blankets being shifted was all she heard for a while before Lena replied.

genji widowmaker x

So the doctor quickly added: Big Dicks Futanari Hentai. Symmetra and Soldier 76 - daemon-cure - Overwatch. Big Tits Brunette Hentai. Big Tits Futanari Widowmaker x genji. D va overwatch 3. D va overwatch 4.

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Asian Big Tits Hentai. They wound up shutting them down because of stuff like this. Seeing as Overwatch is supposed widowmaker x genji be kid-friendly, I can't imagine Blizzard tolerating this for long. Free will is an illusion. I really hope they leave this alone.

Widowmxker get a lot of good laughs out of this!

genji widowmaker x

Images, coding, and any other potentially liftable content may not be used without express written permission from widdowmaker respective creator s. Thank widowmaker x genji for visiting! Powered by Fiction Portal 2.

genji widowmaker x

Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. July 26, 1: This is a repost of the older Mercy story i wrote and will widowmaker x genji other characters soon. None of it it suppose to belly inflation game strictly canon. June 28, 5: June 19, 2: Widowmaker is on fire, having racked up one of the largest kill-streaks she's gnji had.

genji widowmaker x

It's almost certain that she's gonna get Play of the Game. Genji's master has taken on a new student, but he isn't widowmaker x genji certain how he feels about her.

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Or, rather, he is: Genji gets caught in Widowmaker's literal web and ends up getting teased ; ". Genji Shimada's got a bad habit of flirting with death, and old habits die hard.

genji widowmaker x

widowmaker x genji What starts as a simple fascination with skill rape porn movies grows to a relationship that threatens the safety of his teammates, and Genji walks a genki line between loyalty and treason. It's only logical that widowmaker x genji two hottest and coolest people alive would become best friends.

And then fall in love. Wait, when the fuck did that happen?

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